Sunday, May 14, 2017

the doves - i wouldn't know you from the rest 7" 1991

the doves, aka the thrashing doves were a rock band from london, founded by brothers brian and ken foreman. which started their musical career as the core members of the post-punk act "the climb". both foremans together with allan fielder(formerly of "the truth") gave birth to the climb in 1981 which at that time sounded like no other. after three singles released under independent labels pinnacle and second vision, saw the demise of the band in 1984. which btw all 3 releases are somewhat obscure and scarce, just sayin'.
but going back to this incredible seven, a baggy theme is definitely present on both sides... perhaps it's the main reason they dropped "thrashing", kinda like 'the clan of xymox', when they morphed into a totally diff genre they go by the moniker "xymox", which totally makes sense now, hmmm.
anyway the b-side is only available on this release.
so enjoy.

i wouldn't know you from the rest...

sent to tempt me....