Saturday, April 15, 2017

colenso parade - standing up 7" 1984

released in 1984 this debut single from colenso parade,  an irish band hailing from northern ireland in belfast is one of the most underrated band indie/post-punk outfit to ever set foot on earth from all of the united kingdom and northern ireland. with only one album, the band managed to release four singles out of that album (glentoran, fire records). a compilation of singles and b-sides... you can call it that or whatever you want, that being said, it still a great album period
going back to this single it's is one of those rare cases that the b-side is more interesting than the a-side, it's one of the best gosh-darnit dream-pop music of the eighties out there, imo.

standing up...

smoky fingered reminder...

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