Sunday, August 21, 2016

the silent love - rainy season (ep) 2013

the silent love are an indiepop outfit hailing from the far east of the globe.. jakarta, indonesia. their latest cd(2015) of the same title is currently sold out in released under "beko".. a french indie label with a huge who's who of current and up and coming indie bands from all over the world, including philippines' very own "moscow olympics", "self portraits" and "idnl" just to name a few. with guitar rhythms like blueboy and a cold & calming voice of acid house kings, what's not to like, right? with that being said, you can grab this 5 song ep for free here.

Friday, July 22, 2016

crescendo - unless 2016

a five-piece band hailing from los angeles, cali. this dreamy shoegaze quintet got their musical inspirations from band such as the smiths and the radio dept. with those influences behind your talent it's easy not to get wrong, musically! pls. check them out on bandcamp ..
recommended tracks: last, said, yet.


djokovic - djokovic ep 2014

released in 2014 and already sounding like a modern classic indie tune, melodic and dreamy with haunting vocals. typical of the indie dreampop underground scene of today and it's not a bad thing!
check them out pls. in bandcamp ..


Sunday, April 3, 2016

moses - our revolution 12'' 1985

let's take a break here from indie overdose for a while and get in touch with our soft genital side. what we got here is an excellent euro-synth project of jerry cutillo, several versions of this song were released on different labels with different covers but all just as good. which will surely tickle my friend's tiny hiny(yee that's right, you know who you are).
anyway the group were from the netherlands, and that's all i know about this band. so if you care to add pls. do so. with that being said, this 12'' record respectably earns a place in my record collection.

our revolution(remix)...

we just...

Saturday, March 26, 2016

flowers for agatha - the freedom curse 12" 1985

a very underrated band from leeds that was active during 1985-1986 c86 period, some might say they were a goth outfit as their first single exhibits it, but the latter part of their short-lived career showcases the band's jangly side in "through the ceiling" sounding a bit like "the smiths".

the freedom curse...


Monday, March 7, 2016

choir invisible - from sea to shining sea lp 1984

a fantastic local band from cali, these dudes formed the band in 1981 from the ashes of arcadia's punk band "flyboys" after they broke up in 1980. john curry, scott larksen and thames sinclair was then joined by danny benair and then the birth of choir invisible. a post-punk outfit with mesmerizing melodies like ultravox's and a deep siren-like vocals that takes you somewhere else you are not momentarily and that's all she wrote.

i walked away...

shared by a voice...

Friday, February 12, 2016

hohokam - king 7" 1984


this was the debut single from the british synthi-pop outfit "hohokam", not to be confused with the death metal band from the usa. tho there are no similarities, these lads were able to release couple more singles under numa records, operated and owned by none ohter that the gary numan himself, now defunct(label). king, i think is the best out of the three by a landslide, arguably. and if you happen to be a fan of remixes then you would def enjoy the 12" version of this song, but that's another post for another day.


the american way...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

blue clocks green - save yourself then the world single-sided 12" 1990

blue clocks green were a new york based synth-die duo, comprised of college mates lange mozian and michele dougherty. this was their last record during their short span fame in college radios late in the eighties. tho it was released in 1990 unlike "hemingway", this track has that jangly, dreamy c86ish feel to it. give it time and it will grow in you.

save yourself then the world...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

bobby scarlet - white pearl 12" 1988

with only two singles released in the eighties, bobby scarlet, a guitar-pop quintet from west sussex, england called it quits late in the eighties. they released their first single "mosquito" in 1986 and again in this single in 1988 and that's the last we heard of them as bobby scarlet. then out come the nineties baggy scene, most of the band members(brothers jeff and nick pitcher, m. wise, s. walker)  with the exception of the drummer went on to form "spitfire" a psychedelic/garage rock outfit active in the early nineties to mid with two full length albums in their resume.

white pearl...