Sunday, August 9, 2015

magik roundabout - everlasting day... 12" 1991

sorry i haven't posted in a long time... been busy with personal stuff and sometimes you just have to be ready for whatever life throws at ya.
i must say though, these past couple of months that i have been away my unsorted new arrivals inventory has been piling up quite a bit, both on vinyl and cd. with that being said it will take time to burn and convert medias into mp3s again.
let's start with this madchester-influenced indie outfit from the uk. only single i know of by this sheffeild-based independent band, comprised of j chong, p van der fluit and s duncan. much thanks and praise to me fellow and long time indie friend calabet for introducing me to this awesome single!

Evelasting Day.. (Bonfire Mix)

Everlasting Day (Vocal Mix 7'')


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ayos meron ka na din neto...wadabowt mushroom noi on bass aaahhhh