Friday, September 26, 2014

wise guise - i guess someone up there don't like me 12" 1984

ok here's a record from wise guise, a short-lived outfit from the uk. it comes in a single regular paper sleeve exactly like the one above, priced at $1 in the bargain section. as the plumbers' would say "your shit is our bread and butter". this record is out on strike records who mainly focuses on but not limited to indie and ska. catchy tune with a pretty good vibe and an early eighties groove ala captain sensible or malcolm mclaren, definitely leftfield.
sad news bloggers.... older posts (some ,not all) will have links deleted due to some infringements copyright complaints by the dcma and its proprietors.
so i really have to watch what i post nowadays, don't want to violate any laws or worse...charged and pay a hefty fine, no sir!

i guess someone up there don't like me...

seize the time...