Sunday, August 18, 2013

king of culture - know how 7" 1984

new york outfit king of culture were originally mark dumais, rachel bowman and founders bill carey and lee warren. in 1983 mark and rachel left the band to pursue other interests and was replaced by jesse hultberg and lena karlstrom. bill and lee met at a college in florida, their previous band... non erotic male bonding, based in baltimore released a single in 1981 called "torture" which had gain success in many rock pool djs and was frequently played on bbc radio 1 thru dj john peel's discovery. despite the success of  nemb they left baltimore for new york and formed koc.
the release of this single had caused a stir locally on new york's lower east side where  "know how" were played on rock clubs and even appeared on juke boxes in bars and such.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

monterey - the motorway 7" e.p. 1999

monterey are new yorkers jill, jon, jed, karen lev and ed, this ep contains short, pop, jangly tunes very reminiscent of the c86 movement, but a bit clean and what i mean by that is.. the songs are carefully arranged and orchestrated in such a way to give a bit of a modern sound. if any of you are familiar of the eighties indiepop scene then you would know what i'm talking about. with a boy/girl vocal compromise and pop melodic hymns, this shelflife music release on matinee recordings is definitely good enough to be in someone's record collection.
you might still be able to get yer copy here!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

tripping daisy - piranha cd5 1995

here's another american band, an alternative rock quartet formed in 1990 hailed from texas..., dallas' very own tripping daisy. comprised of mark pirro, wes berggren, jeffrey bouck and frontman tim delaughter, were the original line up. "bill" the band's first full length album on indie label dragon street records received moderate airplay but a radio favorite in dallas(source, was described as neo-psychedelic rock due to heavy vocal fx and unconventional guitar riffs. jeff was replaced by bryan wakeland on drums following the release of there second album 'i am an elastic firecracker' in 1995, their first major label release. which bring us to this single, released under island records, unlike its predecessor, i got a girl... which peaked at number six on billboard mrt, "piranha" does not have that top forty sound that most mainstream ears are familiarized to. not hatin', just sayin'. in fact this song reminds me of the flaming lips' "she don't use jelly" back in 1993.



Thursday, August 1, 2013

remedies - inanimate ep 2013

how often do you see or hear something this good for free, not since mequetrefe's "kill all indies" mp3 download was made available to everyone on bandcamp charitable. it's quite a contrary, this indie outfit from alabama delivers impressive dreampop harmonies and wistful lyrics. "we'll always hear the trains when we lay down our heads, watching you get lost" an excerpt from the 2nd track 'lost'. with influences like cocteau twins, wild nothing and julia holter just to name a few... there's no way you can't not make good music as such. "inanimate" the band's sophomore ep can be downloaded for free on here. with much respect to the current swedish dreampop scene and artists like the embassy or the mary onettes.. these lads from birmingham truly exhibits the dream in dreampop.


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