Saturday, December 29, 2012

me - here comes everybody 7" 1992

how's everybody doin' these days? hope all is well, you know the worst thing that could happen to someone this holiday season besides shrinking your bank account, is taking your beau out shopping, aarrgh!! they make you wait like they just don't care. of course they'll occasionally check on you once every hour, but man, you know how it goes with girls and shopping malls!!! need i say more?
and then there's this... voila!!! i've seen this vinyl before and had been ignoring it for a couple of months perhaps more. i think it's the cover art, not exactly your typical indie sleeve. but anyway going back to "girls and shopping malls" thankfully there are record stores like amoeba and rockaway adjacent to the shopping mall. so then we got home, not really excited about the record blah blah blah... well it turned out to be a good find. not sure if this has anything to do with the band (me, posted earlier) nor where they're from but it has a pretty good vibe to it besides that ol' familiar madchester beat!

here comes everybody...


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