Wednesday, July 4, 2012

pop am good - the latest thing 12" 1991

i finally got time to burn some records... been busy juggling work, family and friends and some undesirable instances. but that's life! it's unpredictable and sometimes beautiful but seldom great.
so first up, we have an indie band from the early nineties, a three piece band based in london. comprised of dermot mulan, john dennehy and steve brice.. released a couple of singles, including this one from damaged goods an independent label of east london who happens to have a vast line up of indie bands that started in the late eighties up to the present. don't really know much about the band 'xcept their music is similar to what defines indie music(depending on what sub-genres you are up to) was in the early nineties when everybody's trying to pick a guitar and create their own music! one of the songs from this four song ep, if you listen very hard it sounds very close 'disconnected' by the l.a. punk band face to face.
more to come..

the latest thing...

whats in store..


randybazooka said...

Oh yeeaahhh uuhhmmm pop yo good it tight hahaha u der cino u wanna pop some more hahaha

cino_pacino said...

hahahaha... yeeeh i like it tight fo, why yo got sumthin tight fo me boi??
give me yo craa and i'll give yo ma cree... i can see youuu... uhmmm!

Aideen Mullan said...

This is my brother's old band : )

cino_pacino said...

gud for you aideen!