Saturday, February 25, 2012

random single of the month

when i picked this up at rockaway records about two months ago in the silverlake area i had no idea what it sounds like and the wi-fi at that store barely works. good thing they have a listening station(a very few amount of records store has it anymore) so it saves an average collector like me some $$, we all know what it can feel like to spend money on music only to find out it ain't worth it. so anyway, wild nothing is america's answer to nu-gaze? twee? or dreamm-pop? youbethe judge on that, i certainly was surprised to say the least of how good this jack tatum project was, a real indie gem. it's up there with the likes of the philippines'most celebrated debut by moscow olympics and sweden's the mary onettes.
the band's full length album "gemini" is out now! and it's just as good as this ep. so don't miss out on a quality synth-driven ethereal sound of wild nothing.

wild nothing - golden haze...

wild nothing - quiet hours...

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