Saturday, December 10, 2011

summerhill - i want you 12" 1988

this debut single from the scottish jangle pop band that was formed from the ashes of snakes of shake was the only single released by the band from the indie label rocket 5 records in 1988. the band was comprised of seori burnett(love that name) on vocals, neil scott on guitar and harmonies, keith gilles handles the bass job on two of the songs from this ep as well as blair mcdonald on drums  who i'm guessing took over after shedden and stuart walton left the band. shortly after recording a full album under demon records, iain sheddon left the band to join the saints(wikipedia info) and was replaced by michael sturgis, and later on signed to polydor records in the uk. not really my cup of tea at first but you'll learn to like it after pausing, rewind and repeat. one thing i know for sure is that i can't find this anywhere on the web and that makes it quite a collectors item compare to the band's other releases. and after googleing most of their songs this is by far their best work ever.

i want you...

kunin mo dito

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