Tuesday, November 1, 2011

random single of the month

up today is majestic, an indie band from orange county, ca since 1996. comprised of ammon watene and scott schultz & co. the song "bub" was produced scott schultz out on shelflife records in 1998 from the album 'live it up' which was also once available on cafe bleu comp. called who what where how & when which incl. band such as the arrogants, the autumns, the brandy alexanders, gwen mars(all locals) just to mention a few. and speaking of cafe bleu... hmmm.. some good memories back then. the only club i know in los angeles that ever played the stone roses, blur, the charlatans, northside, inspiral carpets and the mondays and more.. all in the same night!
"bub" i think is an awesome song worthy of a single.

majestic - bub...

kunin mo dito


new wave crossover said...

good post cino' pang cafe bleu' thanks

cino_pacino said...

yeeeeuup! asan na ang d.i.m ko??!! gothboy!?