Saturday, November 26, 2011

riverhead - alpharetta 12" 1990

here's an excellent band from scotland, four lads who released a couple of very manchester-like singles from edinbrugh's very own avalanche records. i dunno what it is about scottsh stripes but it might be something from the scottish waters or their oceanic climate but most outfits that hail out of scotland are mainly making sensible music. though not as funky as it would seem or exactly a dance-floorfilla but remember guys, 1990 was just the beginning of the aforementioned scene. it's just surprising to know that there are still quite a mass of undiscovered bands yet to be uncovered. so keep looking out for those indie releases and remember this next time stop by a record store "indie is like a box of chocolate you'll never know what you gonna get" until you open it. and oh, don't mind gramps, he didn't know his picture was going to end up on a cover of a record.

looking at the sky...

she can...

kunin mo dito and dito

Saturday, November 19, 2011

fat tulips - the fat tulips sings the teardrop explodes 7" 1991

formed in peterbourough in the mid late-eighties, the fatsos(no harm intended) had several singles from the eighties thru the early nineties and so were the list of female vocalists before finally releasing there debut album in 1994 from vinyl japan uk. comprised of mark randall and sarah c.(the original vocalist), later on replaced by katie keen with paul huckerby, matt johnson and sheggi clarkson who later on became the lead vocalist after the departure of katie in 1990.


kunin mo dito

Monday, November 14, 2011

kliche - the lost ruins ep 1987

here's something we rarely see or hear, and if we do maybe just a snippet or a home made video on utube. kliche is mick peters, an obscure new wave canadian one piece synth band from the eighties. the single is housed in an oversized packaging which is something i have not encountered before, kinda like the old cd when it used to come in a long cardboard casing, man, that was ages ago. here's a tip....not too many people know about  this yet so chances are if you see one for sale whether on ebay or a local record store it probably won't cost you an arm and a leg yet, so take advantage of it because what most people don't know is that this was also a limited edition single, meaning not very many were made. both songs are really good... with real nice haunting voice and a roc n' roll attitude!

i will stay..

falling down...

kunin mo dito

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the mccluskey brothers - she said to the driver 12" 1987

ken and david both formerly of the bluebells continued on to be the back bone of the mccluskey brothers following the demise of their old band in 1986. with several albums thru a span of 10 years, the brothers managed to put out at least three albums(i could be wrong) "aware of all" in 1986 later re-issued under vinyl japan in 1992, "favourite colours" and "wonderful affair" both out on their own label 'kingfisher records'. and a compilation of their works was released under linn records in 2000. speaking of albums it's a bit strange to only have a single "single" despite all of the aforementioned releases.

she said to the driver...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, November 6, 2011

whiteout - the next big thing 7" 1991

ini na upat na pidaso na banda hali sa uk, sa greenrock, scotland. nag bukas dini and oasis tapos nag suporta sira sa stone roses sadto na panahon. isipon baya yo-un pagkatapos mag-suporta mas maurag na lugod an gallagher na magkamanghod sa kanira. magayunon baya ini na kanta nira, mapagalun hanapon ini atog mamuroypdoy ka mun-a pero di mo pa ini maimod, badi diyo lang an kupya sini. magayunon liwat and tunog, ma-u pa ini an promiruhon na luwas san banda kaya mag-ugma ka na kun makuha ka sini.

whiteout - orange overdrive...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

random single of the month

up today is majestic, an indie band from orange county, ca since 1996. comprised of ammon watene and scott schultz & co. the song "bub" was produced scott schultz out on shelflife records in 1998 from the album 'live it up' which was also once available on cafe bleu comp. called who what where how & when which incl. band such as the arrogants, the autumns, the brandy alexanders, gwen mars(all locals) just to mention a few. and speaking of cafe bleu... hmmm.. some good memories back then. the only club i know in los angeles that ever played the stone roses, blur, the charlatans, northside, inspiral carpets and the mondays and more.. all in the same night!
"bub" i think is an awesome song worthy of a single.

majestic - bub...

kunin mo dito