Monday, October 3, 2011

stumble - hey mr.(watch yer shadow) 7''1992

here's another single that i've no clue about, so clueless that i have to rely on the 411 on the back cover. lucky for me i think i have enough just about all that is needed to support this post. ergo, stumble is a four piece band from atlanta, georgia, comprised of steve on vox, pope john on guitars and vox, pete on bass and stumble on drums hence the name of the band. the single was recorded in chapel hill, n. carolina, courtesy of buttfork music and was released thru rocka mundo of long island,ny. this i think was the american version of britpop ala marion and the manics not the other britpop like blur or pulp.

you're turned on....
kunin mo dito


randybazooka said...

Wat about da bicycle thieves bukas tapos food trak in da haus..aahhhhh warruup

cino_pacino said...

aaaahhhhh... sounds good!!! so i can break in my ride foo!!