Saturday, October 1, 2011

random single of the month

calling out all readers of this blog! not too long ago i've downloaded an mp3 compilation of most wanted songs from some site i can't remember. it has this awesome song that goes like this....but not sure exactly!

"on and on we go, love lies number seven.
found my higher ground.
kisses straight from heaven..
you're all i ever wanted,
you're all i never had.
you never had to show emotion,
you never had to show love.
you gotta tell me where i'm wrong,
you gotta tell me i'm not strong.
i wish i could see you"(3X)....

dunno - dunno...

so if anyone know this song kindly pls tell us, pretty pls., i've tried goggleing the lyrics but to no avail. aahhhh..


ricky said...


Finally i found name of the song and artist.
Song is called "See You", performed by Power Of Dreams. I've posted full single "Second Son EP" on my blog.

cino_pacino said...

Yay!! awesome find, ricky!! love this song so much and once again thanx for solving the problem!!! really appreciate it.