Friday, October 28, 2011

big arm - sunrays cd5 2007

one of manchester's finest, big arm, with a summer swagger brings a new single on the table 'sunrays'. fronted by mr. shaun ryder's' brother paul ryder, ex-bassist with happy mondays, the band's machester pedigree is second to none.... also supported the legendary ian brown on his comprehensive uk tour! this one is out on turn on tunes in the uk. and speaking of manchester, i guess you've all heard the news, the stoners are back with the original line up! yeeuh. i can't wait for the guys to tour the us and take over the world!!

sunrays (extended version)...

kuni mo dito

Sunday, October 23, 2011

whirr - june 7" ep 2011

an outfit formerly known as whirl, fronted by nick bassett, together as friends like many before them that's how usually great bands are put together. in 2009, whirr had to drop the last letter of their name due to some legal issues but the music live on. the new single contains an excellent track called "june bouvier", a mixture of dreampop melodies and ethereal vocals. it's more like sarah records meets creation label, in fact you can almost easily guess who their influences are "early nineties shoegaze". they don't make music like these anymore! it's unconditional wall of sound surely captures your undivided attention. solid droning guitar riffs with siren-like voice, a total excursion of  dreampop overload. this is the debut single from the california sextet's upcoming lp, out on tee pee records.

june bouvier...
kudos to the band and thanx for being "different" and sounding out of mainstream!
we are sick of ga-gas. keep the genre alive!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

purple submarine orchestra - acapulco ep 2008

purple submarine orchestra or pso were two french guys comprised of mathieu bournazel and nicolas baudard assembled following the demise of their old  bossa-driven  outfit called fantastic!. this ep is nothing far from their earlier works, it contains a pop-tastic main track .. cha cha cha, a feel-good easy-go melody which is by the way released under martyrs of pop in 2008. with influences from the beatles to the velvet underground to dexy's midnight runners to blueboy to the go-betweens just to name a few, i don't know how anyone could go wrong.
since this ep is still available at mop's site, i'm not sure how i can share this without causing any conflicts.

cha cha cha...

kunin mo dito

Saturday, October 15, 2011

winter hours - the confessional 12" 1986

judging from the back cover of this record, the quintet from nyc was fronted by joseph marques and michael carlucci with a taste of american indie from the eighties. no synth, no effects, no pyrotechnics and no make up or fancy hairstyles just plain roc n' roll. reminds me a bit of rem, my friend's fave band. yeah that's you, you know who you are ha,ha,ha, it's time you dig up those old 45s and dust yer r.e.m. collection.

10 minutes...

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the triffids - goodbye little boy 12" 1989

formed in the late seventies by dave mccomb and alan macdonald as high school students, the triffids were the best-loved post-punk outfit from western australia. they've gained more success in the eighties as an indie band in the uk rather than their hometown perth. both the go-betweens and the triffids were highly regarded as the two most literate and evocative aussie bands of the eighties outside  the mainstream pop culture nexus of australia. although, wide open road and bury me deep in love were the two of their more popular songs, my own personal fave is still "the beautiful waste" from 1984. on the other hand this single has jill birt on vocals, a cute mellow song probably one of the band's last single before disbanding in 1989.
r.i.p., dave richard mccomb, 1999.

goodbye little boy...

kunin mo dito

Friday, October 7, 2011

the asteroid #4 - what a sorry way to go 7" 1997

this was possibly the 2nd single from the psychedelic rock/indie/shoegaze band from philadelphia. a laid back, easy-lazy space sound that is more nostalgic than boring. the band had just released their fifth studio album called "these flowers of ours: a treasure of witchcraft and devilry" which have gotten reviews and comparisons to some great bands from the past such as spacemen 3 and the rain parade. you can go to band's myspace page here to get more info.

what a sorry was to go...

kunin mo dito

Monday, October 3, 2011

stumble - hey mr.(watch yer shadow) 7''1992

here's another single that i've no clue about, so clueless that i have to rely on the 411 on the back cover. lucky for me i think i have enough just about all that is needed to support this post. ergo, stumble is a four piece band from atlanta, georgia, comprised of steve on vox, pope john on guitars and vox, pete on bass and stumble on drums hence the name of the band. the single was recorded in chapel hill, n. carolina, courtesy of buttfork music and was released thru rocka mundo of long island,ny. this i think was the american version of britpop ala marion and the manics not the other britpop like blur or pulp.

you're turned on....
kunin mo dito

Saturday, October 1, 2011

random single of the month

calling out all readers of this blog! not too long ago i've downloaded an mp3 compilation of most wanted songs from some site i can't remember. it has this awesome song that goes like this....but not sure exactly!

"on and on we go, love lies number seven.
found my higher ground.
kisses straight from heaven..
you're all i ever wanted,
you're all i never had.
you never had to show emotion,
you never had to show love.
you gotta tell me where i'm wrong,
you gotta tell me i'm not strong.
i wish i could see you"(3X)....

dunno - dunno...

so if anyone know this song kindly pls tell us, pretty pls., i've tried goggleing the lyrics but to no avail. aahhhh..