Monday, September 5, 2011

random single of the month

a cut from the album "kings of the desert" in 1990, self -produced by the band and mark dawson. although it was released on an indie label called paperhouse records on a 7" format, the 12" expanded version never saw the light of the day. the band, a quartet from wiltshire delivers an indie psychedelic rock music(imagine five-thirty with dr. phibes) with a hint of manchester flavor who managed to put out another album in 1992 with the single "english road song" on a 7" format and a 4-track ep called "the curse of the badgeman" which i would've loved to have listen to but to no avail.

the badgeman - crystals....

fortunately for us several links were provided by simon wigglesworth himself(bass player of the badgeman).
the badgeman's soundcloud page
the badgeman myspace site
and their own blog


ricky said...


The Badgeman have their own blog,
7"singles, EPs and two albums are posted, most of the links still working, including "The Curse Of The Badgeman EP"


cino_pacino said...

yeeeuh!! thanx for the tip, ricky!!