Thursday, September 8, 2011

in embrace - the living daylights 7" 1983

a great synthpop/new wave/indie outfit from the uk led by gary knight from the early to the late mid-eighties . with two  albums, a mini lp and a fair amount of singles in their resume', you would think a cd compilation would be available in circulation but believe you me, none of their materials were ever released on a digital format. too bad. in fact the first two albums are pretty expensive and the singles are too, which makes me want it more! i was lucky enough to have picked this one up from the bargain bin at amoeba in hollywood. just an fyi, this song  is also available in a newer version and longer remix on the "your heaven scent" twelve inch ep in 1984.

the living daylights...

kuni mo dito


new wave crossover said...

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cino_pacino said...

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