Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the legend! - everything's coming up roses 12" 1986

this was the jerry thackray's fifth or six single, i maybe wrong who is also known as everett true, the talent behind the legend!. which was also shortened originally of the legendary jerry thackray, the band had a couple of singles under creation records. mcgee and jerry became friends in 1982 and the rest were history.

heaven's above...

kunin mo dito

Friday, September 23, 2011

thirty by ninety - that's something 7" 1986

ok here's something i just recently picked up and i've no clue whatsoever about this us band nor i know someone that knows about them. the cover seems to have a potential plus it was released in 1986(only one of the best decade in music history, duh), what can possibly go wrong. i do this more often than not, buy and experiment just like man vs. food costly enough the experiment always gets the best of me. so i thought i'd gave it a try and perhaps somebody out  there might be interested in this, nothing extra special just straight up rock n' roll.


kunin mo dito

Monday, September 19, 2011

the strand - you saw me swimming(the dolphin song) 12" 1986

ok, so i finally found time for myself this past weekend.. no cheer leading competition to go to, no weekend at the beach thingy and no more must-do projects, 'least none that i know about. anyway when a man got an extra time for himself he turns to his hobby, and so i managed to burn several records from my unsorted new arrivals. some of which are totally unavailable on the web and some were not so familiar to our listening ears yet. and that's were the strand stands out, i am/was very curious about this band, i've seen this record quite a few times in my life and as early as the beginning of the nineties when i started collecting records and tapes. that's right cassette tapes my friends, and i know i shouldn't have to coz it's a waste of time and will it ever be a collector's item? perhaps not very many, but i know one tape that every single indie-pop fan wants to get their hands on is that one and only album by playing at trains called "go"(it was never released on any other format). so anyway back to the post, i can't find a single info about the band. i know the singer don't like dolphins coz apparently they've(dolphins) stolen drinks from him. lol. this is a really cute song, boy and girl vocals and catchy as hell too. it was stuck in my mind for a couple of hours, and blimey you'll learn to love it and you'll be humming before you know it. there is one little set back though... you might start hatin' dolphins for no reason!

the single contains two songs, the a-side which you will be able to sample below c/w the flipside(which is the remix version) sample available upon request.

you saw me swimming(the dolphin song)...

Monday, September 12, 2011

idaho - skyscrape 7" 1993

a duo that started in the early nineties, formed in los angeles by jeff martin(vocals, guitars, bass,drums, keyboards)and john berry(guitar, bass, drums, noise). their music varies from indie rock to shoegaze to folk and now alternative. this seven inch single contains sad but very calming music although some might find these boring and tormenting it actually clears your mind. trust me if you find yourself alone or even with someone of the same music preference in  a remote place just look at the sky and listen to some shoegaze tune and blimey it's a total atmospheric experience.


kunin mo dito

Thursday, September 8, 2011

in embrace - the living daylights 7" 1983

a great synthpop/new wave/indie outfit from the uk led by gary knight from the early to the late mid-eighties . with two  albums, a mini lp and a fair amount of singles in their resume', you would think a cd compilation would be available in circulation but believe you me, none of their materials were ever released on a digital format. too bad. in fact the first two albums are pretty expensive and the singles are too, which makes me want it more! i was lucky enough to have picked this one up from the bargain bin at amoeba in hollywood. just an fyi, this song  is also available in a newer version and longer remix on the "your heaven scent" twelve inch ep in 1984.

the living daylights...

kuni mo dito

Monday, September 5, 2011

random single of the month

a cut from the album "kings of the desert" in 1990, self -produced by the band and mark dawson. although it was released on an indie label called paperhouse records on a 7" format, the 12" expanded version never saw the light of the day. the band, a quartet from wiltshire delivers an indie psychedelic rock music(imagine five-thirty with dr. phibes) with a hint of manchester flavor who managed to put out another album in 1992 with the single "english road song" on a 7" format and a 4-track ep called "the curse of the badgeman" which i would've loved to have listen to but to no avail.

the badgeman - crystals....

fortunately for us several links were provided by simon wigglesworth himself(bass player of the badgeman).
the badgeman's soundcloud page
the badgeman myspace site
and their own blog