Monday, August 15, 2011

the real people - rolling stone 1996

one of the very first livepudlian band to ever played "britpop" labeled music. a band whom oasis consider as one of their most influential band who coincidentaly was influenced by the likes of the stone roses and the inspiral carpets and the mersey sounds of the 60s. born in 1988 and i believe still active til this day was formed by brothers chris and anthony griffiths with a drummer named dave reilly of china crisis.
this single contains 3 tracks not included on the import release courtesy of the seedy singles label.
the people in the telly they're jumping out the tv screen  
and they are talking to me, 
they got a message from the man in the moon... 
"i'm scared what's on the outside". 
although it's not much there, just a little sunshine.
what's on the outside...

kunin mo dito

listen to "feel the pain" on youtube on 1:35 mark and tell me that's not oasis'.

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