Friday, August 19, 2011

the cat's miaow - third floor fire escape view 7" 1994

bart and cameron formed the cat's miaow after girl of the world end it's world in 1993. waisting no time at all, this ep was recorded near the end of that very same year gotw disbanded and was released the year after. the cat's miaow along with andrew and kerrie went on to record about six more singles in 7" format and a couple of cds perhaps more and some reissues on various recording labels. here's what i don't understand according this australian outfit's own website, the cat's miaow's discog show cassettes releases as early as 1992 comprised of earlier versions of their official recordings. same year girl of the world released their single on parasol records. so go figure.
this ep contains four short but sweet indie pop anthems.
third floor fire escape...

kunin mo dito

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