Sunday, August 28, 2011

the vermont sugar house - braveheart 7" 1999

ok, so i stumbled upon this cd compilation from germany(gema as we call it), at a local record store in hollywood back in the nineties and i'm not talking about amoeba music store(aarons records why, why??). nothing special but what caught my attention was the title which was "i tried a thousand times, a thousand times to change your mind". it contains twenty tracks from twenty different independent acts from the uk under firestation tower records, right. so i said to myself 'why not' it might sounds like the bodines unless the title of the comp. states otherwise. anyway the vermont sugar house was one of them and they sound somewhat familar or at least the vocals was, and it wasn't until last month that i realized after a careful researching that it was in fact martin king and david platten of the desert wolves, one of the best group to ever hailed from manchester. unlike its predecessor, tvsh is more melodic and less jangly but otherwise equally awesome.


kunin mo dito

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

further - filling station 7" 1992

this is the debut single from the los angeles indie band that evolved from the late eighties band called shadowland, with brothers brent and darren brademaker as core members. their music is very much like that of dinosaur jr.  to pavement opposite to their precursor band as mentioned who's more into sixties sound,.further was leaning more towards the likes of us indie noise sometime lo-fi scene in the mid-nineties.

filling station...

kunin mo dito

Friday, August 19, 2011

the cat's miaow - third floor fire escape view 7" 1994

bart and cameron formed the cat's miaow after girl of the world end it's world in 1993. waisting no time at all, this ep was recorded near the end of that very same year gotw disbanded and was released the year after. the cat's miaow along with andrew and kerrie went on to record about six more singles in 7" format and a couple of cds perhaps more and some reissues on various recording labels. here's what i don't understand according this australian outfit's own website, the cat's miaow's discog show cassettes releases as early as 1992 comprised of earlier versions of their official recordings. same year girl of the world released their single on parasol records. so go figure.
this ep contains four short but sweet indie pop anthems.
third floor fire escape...

kunin mo dito

Monday, August 15, 2011

the real people - rolling stone 1996

one of the very first livepudlian band to ever played "britpop" labeled music. a band whom oasis consider as one of their most influential band who coincidentaly was influenced by the likes of the stone roses and the inspiral carpets and the mersey sounds of the 60s. born in 1988 and i believe still active til this day was formed by brothers chris and anthony griffiths with a drummer named dave reilly of china crisis.
this single contains 3 tracks not included on the import release courtesy of the seedy singles label.
the people in the telly they're jumping out the tv screen  
and they are talking to me, 
they got a message from the man in the moon... 
"i'm scared what's on the outside". 
although it's not much there, just a little sunshine.
what's on the outside...

kunin mo dito

listen to "feel the pain" on youtube on 1:35 mark and tell me that's not oasis'.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

search party - all around the world 12" 1983

i must admit that i have been waiting for someone to post this single for a while now but so far i've heard 7" and album versions of the song. so wait no more. certainly, there is a collector out there with exact similar record, you would think it'd be posted already but it's quite the opposite. so we wait no more. a single produced and mixed by tony mansfield an english singer songwriter, producer, etc whose works can be linked on many eighties artist such as captain sensible, naked eyes, the rescue, his very own new musik and more! search party was alan rear and lee jacob, released only this and "urban foxes" singles from 1982 to 1983. you can check more history at slash artist slash search+party. party mix is a longer danceable version of the the 7" release. enjoy.

all around the world(party mix)...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

random single of the month

this month i am really tied up at work too busy in fact everyone was handed a notice that a mandatory ot is a must in order to catch up with work. pretty ironic you say, with what's going on about the us debt dilemma right?! well that's another topic for another bog. so here we are i don't even know where to start... i haven't got the time to burn stuff lately. i am just now finishing a yard project i  started about a year ago, hehehe....
anyway this month's rsotm is a great indie band from the philippines, if you like the ethereal sound of the radio dept. and the mary onettes or even the dreamy murmur or moscow olympics, this band is perfect for you.. a sugar-coated almond. i found them on, you'd be surprised how may awesome bands out there waiting to be uncovered, go ahead check it out.
enjoy and i promise to deliver more in the coming weeks.

some gorgeous accident - luminescence 2011...