Friday, July 1, 2011

random single of the month

wow it's july already, can you believe it? it seems like yesterday we were just doing our holiday shopping. i guess time flies when you're having fun. speaking of fun... i am still paying for my holiday expenses from last xmas and that's no fun at all. lol. sorry i'm a rookie at these text characters you know the lmao, brb, thingys. well i am glad it's the seventh month of the year, my two year agreement with money-sucking verizon is up this 8th day, whew! and just so happen that boost(a special mention)mobile have a what you would call "smart phone" that allows you to have access to the internet wherever there is a connection signal(meaning i can check or or ebay and youtube before i spend the money on some record i know nothing about). i am not only a collector but i also sell cds and records online, i mean how great is that, now i never ever have to put stuff on hold at the record store just to check if some records i'm buying is worth the price. it saves me the trip going back, time and money. and that's not all it fifty bucks is all you pay each month with taxes and everything included and if you pay your bill on time six months in a row you will get a five dollar discount each and every month after that til you reach their minimum of thirty five bucks(that's all you pay monthly) and still have unlimited text, email, talk and internet!! just to make things straight i do not work for boost mobile i am just happy to leave verizon wireless and spend my money on something worth feeling good about! amen.
today's featured artist is from sweden, excellent track with a really good vibe, something very original. good luck finding the ep, although it's available on digital download wherever sold the cd release is otherwise quite scarce. enjoy.

biker boy - heart...


randybazooka said...

Hey meng dat aint a bad deal from boost i never thought they have plans like that, however there is a plan that might werk for called unlimited boost hehehe

NOISEBOX said...

pre yun plan ko sa verizon $25.00 unlimited internet, sign up ka dun para makatipid...speaking of biker boy hataw na kayo ni randyb ng bike, summer na, nag glendale to venice beach kami, 43 miles sarap...and speaking of cellphone plan i got this schlong distance that limits to the depth of ur bung hole, hahaha!!!