Sunday, July 31, 2011

pastel collision - wherever you go, take me with you cd5 1996

"Preston/Manchester-based, girl-fronted, trumpet-fired English jangle-pop band who released four singles (1994-1997) in the vein of the Pop Guns, the Would-Bes and the Siddeleys before regrouping as a trio under the name 'Kaleida'. As Kaleida, they recorded an album for Spain's Siesta level in 1998, in a sleeker, more Euro-synthy style, called 'Knowing who your friends are', before going on the back-burner around 1999." 

wherever you go take me with you...

kunin mo dito

Monday, July 18, 2011

the would be's - the wonderful ep 1991

comprised of three brothers and a female vocal, this irish indie pop band formed in 1989 by the finnegans. the finnegan(mattie-guitars, paul-guitar, eamonn-bass) were accompanied by pascal smith on drums, aideen o'reilly on sax, trombone and violins with j. mcdonnell on vocals. while this one is out on decoy records their previous releases were on danceline and comet tapes. after disappearing in 1991, the band re-united with a new singer this time and released two more singles in 2000 with karen cunningham on vocals replacing eileen gogan who also replaced the 17 year old original singer julie mcdonnell who chooses to stay in school(an excellent choice) following the release of their very first single. you can find out more about the band in their mys **** site here.

my radio sounds different in the dark...

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

the heart throbs - here i hide 12" 1988

an indie band from the uk, reading to be precise. this is one of their earlier releases from late eighties before signing to one little indian for their first full length album in 1990. listening to these tracks you can tell what they're leaning towards, yeah dreamtime, right?! all three tracks from this ep sound likes it came out of the "cleopatra grip" album except for here i hide of course, that being said this twelve inch ep offers the extended version of the title track different from the cd version so its worth the time and space.

pale fire...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the cuckoos - 3pep 12" ep 1991

here's a band from london, england(or so it say on the sleeve of the record) that released three singles in the early nineties under imaginary records. the closest comparison i can think of would be that of the british neo-psychedelic quintet called the dylans. it's the dylan-esque rhythms and vocals that got me interested in pursuing more about this trio from the uk. since i got this ep i've managed to look them up on youtube as i often do and i am now on the hunt for their second single called "iscariot" in 1992, the song if is reminiscent of a beatle song. i would like get a digital copy of the ep if there are any available out there. but for now enjoy this band and hopefully someone out there might be so kind to share us copies of both iscariot and screever eps.

without you...

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

music for pleasure - light 12'' 1982

a new wave band that started in the very late seventies in leeds, england also home of the wedding present and other several great bands from that same decade. founded by martin king, alan peace, sean wheatley and david whitaker who went on to play for the danse society. christopher oldroyd replaced wheatley on drums which later on played drums for red lorry yellow lorry on their second studio album in 1987. the band released seven singles, some on the independent label rage records and rockburghs records and two full length album in 1982 and 1985. this being their fourth released 12" single under polydor uk has that mild synth-vibe floorfiller type to it, i can only imagine new wavers back then feeling the beat on the dance floor.


kunin mo dito

Friday, July 1, 2011

random single of the month

wow it's july already, can you believe it? it seems like yesterday we were just doing our holiday shopping. i guess time flies when you're having fun. speaking of fun... i am still paying for my holiday expenses from last xmas and that's no fun at all. lol. sorry i'm a rookie at these text characters you know the lmao, brb, thingys. well i am glad it's the seventh month of the year, my two year agreement with money-sucking verizon is up this 8th day, whew! and just so happen that boost(a special mention)mobile have a what you would call "smart phone" that allows you to have access to the internet wherever there is a connection signal(meaning i can check or or ebay and youtube before i spend the money on some record i know nothing about). i am not only a collector but i also sell cds and records online, i mean how great is that, now i never ever have to put stuff on hold at the record store just to check if some records i'm buying is worth the price. it saves me the trip going back, time and money. and that's not all it fifty bucks is all you pay each month with taxes and everything included and if you pay your bill on time six months in a row you will get a five dollar discount each and every month after that til you reach their minimum of thirty five bucks(that's all you pay monthly) and still have unlimited text, email, talk and internet!! just to make things straight i do not work for boost mobile i am just happy to leave verizon wireless and spend my money on something worth feeling good about! amen.
today's featured artist is from sweden, excellent track with a really good vibe, something very original. good luck finding the ep, although it's available on digital download wherever sold the cd release is otherwise quite scarce. enjoy.

biker boy - heart...