Thursday, June 23, 2011

hearts on fire - you may not know 12" 1985

another twelve o'clock production this one is, a four song ep from the mid-eighties with female vocal and jangly guitars. something to add to your midnight music collections if you are trying to complete one. i picked this one up out of curiosity, no idea what they sound like or where they're from. don't worry it wasn't a costly experiment but they do have the potential so if anyone has their album pls. rightfully share so. and off this one goes to my music inventory list.

persuade me....

kunin mo dito


c4452f36-a00e-11e0-abc7-000bcdcb471e said...

Hey, my name is Reggie Wilkins. A friend of mine showed me your blog and I really like it. Along with Rebecca Dulberg, I have recently begun an electronic project called RIVKA. It is a Pittsburgh-based electronic band made up of one guy and one girl that seeks to capture the feelings of summer and youth. We love your taste in music! We wanted to send you a link to our music for you to check out. We are pretty new and still trying to spread our music around so if you'd like, we'd really appreciate being posted on your blog. We are in the process of planning a small tour in August and want it to reach as many ears as possible before then! The music is available for listening and free download at:

You can make any or all of our songs available for free download as well!

Thank you!

cino_pacino said...

i've checked out your site on bandcamp that place is a paradise of indie and upcoming bands highly recommended site if you like to get a free download. "sea of sun" is a very good track. every one should check it out!! good luck to you and your band.

c4452f36-a00e-11e0-abc7-000bcdcb471e said...

thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed our music. do you ever feature developing artists on your blog? we'd love to be posted!