Thursday, June 23, 2011

hearts on fire - you may not know 12" 1985

another twelve o'clock production this one is, a four song ep from the mid-eighties with female vocal and jangly guitars. something to add to your midnight music collections if you are trying to complete one. i picked this one up out of curiosity, no idea what they sound like or where they're from. don't worry it wasn't a costly experiment but they do have the potential so if anyone has their album pls. rightfully share so. and off this one goes to my music inventory list.

persuade me....

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

beautiful people - foxey lady 12" 1992

acid, ambient, deep house, dance, call it what you will. it's the guitar that usually separates music genres from  one to the other, but it is mostly the drums that brings all genres together. take an old  song from the 70s for example and put some decent programming and pair it with a hard hitting heart pounding killer drumbeats and viola ni lola... you have hendrix re-incarnated. speaking of drums, the only member from this trio that found success after the band's demise in their short career in the nineties was robin goodridge who now plays for the british alternative outfit called "bush".

foxey lady(bella godiva)...

kunin mo dito

Saturday, June 11, 2011

modesty blaise - cristina terrace 7" 1994

the blaise were a nineties band. this single being their first was out on spirit of '86 label, also produced by edwyn collins was near the top of independent music polls. after several albums and line-up changes from 1994 thru 2002, the band finally settle with jonny collins - vocals, guitars, david w. brown - bass, gregory jones - guitars, vocals  and mark bradley on drums. most music fans classified them as one the finest mod band to ever came out of the nineties(hence the band's name although nothing to do with comic strip from yesteryear, i think). maybe because it's the hairstyle, their clothes or that 60s music influence that almost sounds very familiar.

cristina terrace...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, June 5, 2011

just ahead...

here's just a few of what will be posted in the near future. some old, some new and some undiscovered. just haven't got the time to burn them yet. i've been and has been sorting and organizing my cd collections in the last two weekends since don't have the time to do it on weekdays(too much work at work) get it?! lol. i barely got this awesome 5ft. tall cd swiveling storage cabinet which i am very satisfied, it holds more than six hundred cds. in the process i was able to find some gems like the postal collision from spain, postal blue from brazil, red sleeping beauty and a couple of 45s from aussies' the cat's miaow, an ultra scarce 7" from the poontons, plus some new arrivals in the likes of the search party and the would be's, an early indie mod-sensation from england, the modesty blaise and more.
so some good things ahead. chill guys, the future looks bright i gotta wear... forget it! i'm not going there!

in the meantime enjoy this one from the late eighties....