Thursday, May 19, 2011

if? - if... the grid 12" remixes 1991

i was almost certain this band was british in blood but american by nationality or vice versa, it don't matter here. a little of history 101.... remember this "your technique it leaves me weak, my heart knows it's the beat i seek and i found it just got lucky - yes i found it just got lucky" and a chiming bell before that. well, three of the members from joboxers who migrated from the uk to the us of a in the 70s
found themselves playing together again in the early nineties when the club scene was fresh and pretty much welcoming all kinds of music (dance related), indie included. and when most release were instantly remixed whether its a love song or ballad it didn't matter. not to stray from the topic, david collard, rob marche, and sean mclusky with lindsay edwards and paul wells formed if and released an album and some singles from 1990 to 1992. if?'s technique wast not be ignored, at the 1:09 mark you will feel that familiar piano verse and you will think to yourself 'they belong! rave on!

this is a two track single from the 1991 'english boys in the love ranch' album on mca label.

if(kill wagner mix)...

kunin mo dito

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