Sunday, May 29, 2011

dollar - hand held in black and white 12" 1981

ini baga siguro daghanun an release na single bag-o yaa. nansin medyo awat mahanap an version sini na may-on sin drawing an cover,  kaya iniske-wiski ko na lang para magay-on man an pag imod ha?! buli an sayo ko na amigo digdi magpara-kuragit na-naman yadto kay gustuhon liwat sadto an  mga sungad sini na kanta. atog malin baga an kusmag na pinasu an samingkig. hali ini sa ikatulo na album nira dati man ini synthpop nan new wave kaya mayad an tunog pero awatun na ini na banda  kaya sana magustuhan niyo, k?!
may sayo sira na tugtug na sikatun badi yadto pa madumduman niyo kaya lang wara yadto sin dako na plaka.

hand held in black and white(extended version)...

kuwa-a dini

Thursday, May 19, 2011

if? - if... the grid 12" remixes 1991

i was almost certain this band was british in blood but american by nationality or vice versa, it don't matter here. a little of history 101.... remember this "your technique it leaves me weak, my heart knows it's the beat i seek and i found it just got lucky - yes i found it just got lucky" and a chiming bell before that. well, three of the members from joboxers who migrated from the uk to the us of a in the 70s
found themselves playing together again in the early nineties when the club scene was fresh and pretty much welcoming all kinds of music (dance related), indie included. and when most release were instantly remixed whether its a love song or ballad it didn't matter. not to stray from the topic, david collard, rob marche, and sean mclusky with lindsay edwards and paul wells formed if and released an album and some singles from 1990 to 1992. if?'s technique wast not be ignored, at the 1:09 mark you will feel that familiar piano verse and you will think to yourself 'they belong! rave on!

this is a two track single from the 1991 'english boys in the love ranch' album on mca label.

if(kill wagner mix)...

kunin mo dito

Saturday, May 14, 2011

blink - cello cd5(part 1 of a 2 part set) 1994

the second installment from blink but not necessarily their second release, not as baggy as the first one but rather more acid and a bit groovier than most(of their songs). the song was obviously well-produced, the timing and programming was patiently handled very well. "wonderful scene" reminds me of the neo-psychedelic brit band "the dylans" from sheffeild. the cd includes two mixes of cello... ambient mix millwall brick mix both similar to the seven inch version just a bit longer.

cello(7" version)...

wonderful scene...

Monday, May 9, 2011

blink - happy day cd5 1994

let's see the lakers never looked good during the playoff this time of year... but what the heck they'd won the spotlight this past two seasons making it 16th championships altogether!! i think that's unfair for other teams to not get any recognitions of any sort.. i dunno perhaps i'm just sour graping. i hate to see 'em walkaway this early, it's just too painful to watch and a total heart breaker! oh well, we can't be too selfish it's a sport and nothing is written on a stone so we'll get 'em next season. right!? i hope maybe just maybe with a strong presence in the middle, i am tired of people labeling la "soft" and chuck(barkley), man i'd like to prove him wrong!!!hater. lol. hikbi, hikbi!!!...

okay guys let bygones be bygones and let the good times roll... these guys been around a while. i dunno if you remember this "i'm not worried i have nothing to hide from them, but you looked worried maybe just a bit concerned, oh no, oh no.." well that was an excerpt from "empty shell's" if heavens waiting 7" back in 1986 their one and only. and you asked why it was brought up, it seems like a very pre mature break up for dermot lambert and ellen leahy. they wanna do more, so following the demise of empty shell the two formed the band called "rex & dino" which was active from 1987 to '89, released two 7" records under lime and danceline records which i have yet to find or hear so if anyone has these pls. come forward. lol! i'm pretty sure it won't disappoint.
which bring me to this post, sometime in the early nineties dermot wasn't done yet. the genius of him formed yet another excellent band. a little late you'd say for the madchester era, but i'm sure that's not what they have in mind when the album "a map of the universe by blink" was released under lime records in 1995 with two baggy like singles before that including this one. but they sure make it sound really amazing yet again!!! hey guys i am really curious what rex & dino sounds like so a little help would probably close this case and solve the mystery!!

happy day(carrot cake mix)...


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

random single of the month

the latest contribution from mark sniper, the heart and soul of blank dogs. just in case you didn't know the band have five full length albums in the market all independently released. this one although a little different from previous albums gives me something interesting enough to compare to some of our old post punk/new wave/synth favourites from the eighties. "land and fixed" is all that, besides the obvious dreamy synth-driven  instrumentals, mike sniper also surely resembles the patented haunting vocals of its darkwave predecessors. the album has more mustard than pants it worth listening to.  it'll definitely take you back and remind you why we love joy d., et al.

blank dogs - blurred tonight...