Friday, April 29, 2011

robert marlow - the face of dorian gray 12" 1983

with help from vince clarke and eric radcliffe a mute records producer, robert marlow who's musical career has been around since the 1970s, discover somewhat a great formula to create a great synth tune. this collaboration shows how vince clarke signature forte carried on throughout his career from dm to yazoo to erasure.
robert marlow grew up in basildon with dm's founding members vince clarke, martin gore and andy fletcher. also played alongside alison moyet with the punk band "the vandals" before teaming up with vince and martin gore in a band called "the plain" later became "french look" and one mtv video later known as depeche mode.

the face of dorian gray(extended version)...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, April 24, 2011

love and money - strange kind of love 12" 1988

aah.. two things i love most in life. love and money, sounds like a cliche? this single is not, as my newly acquired import 12" this scottish group that was formed in 1985 in glasgow following the demise of friends again, an excellent band and very tough to follow that made some impressions in the early eighties. led by james grant, stuart kerr and paul mcgeechan all from friends again of whom the original and only album "trapped and unwrapped" still one of the most sought after cd on the net. with the addition of bobbie paterson, douglas macintyre and gordon wilson, the band released a dozen of singles maybe more in a decade of existence and this is quietly my favourite.

strange kind of love (extended version)...

kunin mo dito

Saturday, April 16, 2011

fire next time - too close cd5 1988

this is a four song ep released on a cd format in 1988. the band have one full length and two other singles from polydor records and i've trying to find that "north to south" cd  for a long time now. in fact, too long that i have forgotten until this very moment. "too close" reminds me of the big dish and faith bros. crossover. this one is for the eighties lovers in all of us...
all songs was written by james maddock, too close produced by hugh jones.

too close...

tears are nothing new...

Monday, April 11, 2011

the crystal set - thrive 7" 1990

the crystal set came about in the early eighties, hailing from sydney. this aussie act had two full length albums and several singles from red eye records, this one being the first 7" from "almost pure" album released in 1991. thrive to me is very much like an echo and the bunnymen song circa reverberation. a quartet fronted by steve kilbey's(the church, aka jack frost)brother... russel kilbey with davey ray moor, phillip maher and tim seckhold.

kunin mo dito


kicking around...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

dr. phibes and the house of wax equations - sugarblast ep 1990

something psychedelic and somewhat alternative this is a perfect soundtrack for people who likes to be mesmerised when in the zone. yeah you know who you are. correct me if i'm wrong but i believe this is the first contribution by the liverpudlian trio of howard king jr., lee belsham and keith york. kinda like my fren randy_b wid his handy dandy yorkie turntable, lol. watup boi ukit!!!
marshmallow madness...

kunin mo dito

Friday, April 1, 2011

random single of the month

a pop group originally from sweden that relocated to gothenburg after the original singer left the band in 1996 only to re-join in 1998 to pursue the release of their debut album "electric songs". what we have here is the first cut from their demo tape "spring" in 1997, pretty influential pop tune that almost sound like the cardigans(thank god) but with more soothing vocal, swirling guitar and of course.. a touch of indie.

aquadays - senseless