Friday, March 25, 2011

nelories - mellow yellow fellow nelories cd 1992

here's another indiepop band from japan, a band i discovered thru the "birth of the true" compilation from !su puesto! record label back in 1994. i tell ya there were some pretty heavy weigth acts in that lp, secret shine, razorblade smile, sedgewicks and more plus nelories fellow japanese bands such as white kam kam, b-flower, etc.
with all the hardship japan has been through, nothing like that has ever happen before. its just sad that something like this could not be prevented from happening. it's a havoc to say the least, this has got to be the biggest disaster to hit earth to date and i hope we've all seen the worst, with more than 6k death toll and 10k more are still missing kids, the innocent people, everybody do they deserve this of course not, no one does. are we being punished? i just don't know. my prayers and sincere condolences goes out the people in japan that lost their love ones in this unexpected calamity.


4 songs that mattered from the cd kunin mo dito


randybazooka said...

Yeah it is really heart breaking wat happened there andr it is truly the worst that i have seen happen in one country...however there is another equally if not worst catastrophy coming your is the 9 inch disaster that will shake the earth and tear your wetpers like the roads in Sendai hahaha you der uuhhmm

NOISEBOX said...

this is no laughing matter pero di ko napigilan, hahaha...but on a serious note, my heart goes out to all the victims of the calamity...