Friday, March 25, 2011

nelories - mellow yellow fellow nelories cd 1992

here's another indiepop band from japan, a band i discovered thru the "birth of the true" compilation from !su puesto! record label back in 1994. i tell ya there were some pretty heavy weigth acts in that lp, secret shine, razorblade smile, sedgewicks and more plus nelories fellow japanese bands such as white kam kam, b-flower, etc.
with all the hardship japan has been through, nothing like that has ever happen before. its just sad that something like this could not be prevented from happening. it's a havoc to say the least, this has got to be the biggest disaster to hit earth to date and i hope we've all seen the worst, with more than 6k death toll and 10k more are still missing kids, the innocent people, everybody do they deserve this of course not, no one does. are we being punished? i just don't know. my prayers and sincere condolences goes out the people in japan that lost their love ones in this unexpected calamity.


4 songs that mattered from the cd kunin mo dito

Sunday, March 20, 2011

antarctica - 23:03 cd5 1997

a quintet from new york with two releases during their short career in 1995 thru the very late nineties. this single being their debut is an upgraded version of the early nineties shoegaze with keyboards and programmings that almost kinda transit the genre to what we now call  "nugaze" with bands like destroyalldreamers, tears run rings and so forth. long, dreamy and moody the 4:05 mark of "closeful of churches" is when they let it all out. not to imply or anything but its best to enjoy this kind of music when played loud and loaded but make sure to always have someone with you when doing so or it could really get depressing.

full crescent crusade...

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

manifesto - walking backwards cd5 1991

it's hard to believe this trio used to be in punk bands...., singer/programmer mike hampton was in "state of alert". a d.c. hardcore outfit that henry rollins used to be in before leaving to join "black flag", both ivor hanson and bert queiroz were from the late eighties band "embrace" with ian mackaye in the front(not to be mixed up with the britpoppers from the uk). with keyboards and a new programmings, together they'd created a rather mellow and catchy tune and a little flavor brit influence on the side. something their old followers would consider soft and gentle but it don't hurt me a bit.

walking backwards...


Thursday, March 10, 2011

the magnetic fields - 100 000 fireflies 7" 1992

the magnetic fields' variation of musical genres were pretty vague (in a good way). shifting from lo-fi to synthpop, synthpop to indie, indie to alternative and alternative to experimental, not in this order... but i mean that's gotta be hard to follow. the only other band i know that switched and experimented and made sense were the blur..... non of their albums sounds like their previous record. and i think that's an amazing accomplishment to have a wide or several signature sound as to most band carry on sounding pretty much within its genre or sub-genres. with 14 albums maybe more all on independent labels(merge records, new york's very own nonesuch records) in the last two decades(realism being the latest, nonesuch 2010) it's safe to say tmf's been around the warm bend and truly an indie veteran. and here's one of their most sought after single released under harriet records, the band's 2nd single from the 1992 album "the wayward bus" under popup records.

100 000 fireflies...

old orchard beach...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

random single of the month

joe pernice saves the day or atleast my day at the record store to say the least. i know ish kinda shallow but whenever i came up empty from record hunting... it's truly  disappointing, that is until i came across this cd. like my old friend yanti b. used to say back in the days when we used to spy on this chick. when nothing's going your way you gotta go to plan b and it should be automatic. on every occasion, a back up plan should always be considered and though not always, sometimes it's better to be lucky than knowledgeable. up until today i never heard of this band, their history and musical projects. it was just an experiment... weird name for a band, sub pop records so i picked it up and took it home and it ended up on my blog! so my day wasn't so bad after all and i owe this to a friend aforementioned. uder randy??!!! nakikita kitaaaa uhmmm.

chappaquiddick skyline - leave me alone...