Tuesday, February 1, 2011

random single of the month

this month's a' la carte is brought to you by independent project records highly regarded for its trademark letterpress packaging as for its music and is/was based in arizona. like its label mates... half spring, for against and scenic just to name a few, indian bingo showcases a variety of sounds. post punk, new wave and sometimes too sad but undoubtedly melodic. fronted by mike boul, scatalogical was the band's first project of only two. 1993 saw indian bingo's last release, a self titled cd ep from rockville records which i still yet to possess but don't want to spend an arm if i can help it.
just to make everything clear, rsotm are usually a non-album cut or if  an album cut was never a porky prime cut. in other words random single of the month are the shoulda coulda woulda and wortha of a "single" release by itself but never was.

indian bingo - the ulcer prophecy...


randybazooka said...

Nice sound mate not bad....well wat if I hit a bingo on yo arse kinda like this, :- o haha get it!! Wat about da porky prime cut bbq this sat for da silva belfort fight meng can't miss that yah knows

cino_pacino said...

yeeeee.... aaaaaaaaaahh thanx for dropping by mate. and speaking of dropping by your jaw's gonna drop when you look at the fruit of my loin staring back at you inbetween you eyes. hehehe... u der. bbq sounds good but i'm still sick, yo.