Saturday, February 5, 2011

bangkutaman - IX singles and b sides

founded in the early nineties, these indonesian three-piece band met as college students in yogyakarta. with the love for the smiths, oasis and of course the stone roses as their music expresses it. back then the indie scene in yogyakarta failed to compare to the more popular "scene" in the bigger and more aspiring cities of
jakarta and bandung as bangkutaman was never heard of until mtv indonesia featured their video of kabut in 2003. you can read more from the band here @thejakartapost. not sure if they are still together but their music certainly will be,.at least for some fortunate indiepoppers like us.


she burns the disco...

here's the link to the album download.
enjoy your superbowl weekend... i'll definitely enjoy the watching the commercials! that's fo sure.


randybazooka said...

Hmm...lots of interesting words here like badung kabut yogyakarta...I hope you don't turn out to be badung after yo kabut gets da big shiny helmet hahaha....wat about da plane tix yo been waiting on you or is this just another fluke...let me know bro before it gets expensive

cino_pacino said...

yabbahh...shiny helmet!!! hahaha..
pano si lawyee di na yata tuloy!!! alang abalits eh.