Wednesday, January 5, 2011

mainframe - 5 minutes on... 12" 1985

a synthpop duo comprised of john molloy and murray munro (i have to mention their names because there are about more than twelve bands out there known as mainframe). also known as "the noise of art", i know kinda wierd huh?, i immediately thought of the art of noise too, i'm totally confused. but anyway their music is somewhat similar to psb and art of noise? with a real funky beat. listen and hear 5 minutes on.. of your time get stolen away.
fyi: this record is not in the best shape to say the least so no judging, ayt!

5 minutes on...(extended version)

5 minutes on...(twelve '' version)

also if you must insist get a raw copy(not cleaned) of all the tracks from this release here.


randybazooka said...

cool sound bro...can't wait for the naspi attack yah dug!!!

cino_pacino said...

aaahhhh. wadup bro??? andaming kong nakain aahahahahhhh.i think i gain a few pounds, dammit!!! fatgurlslym.