Thursday, January 27, 2011

the curtain society - chelsea 7" 1993

one of the band's earlier release, this seven inch record clearly displays who tcs influences were. well perhaps just a coincedence but surely their music sounds too much of a dream pop with a hint of shoegaze on the side. a trio from worcester, mass. with roger lavallee, the guitarist who also was the producer, duncan arsenault the drummer and ron mominee, the bass player who had their final album released in two thousand and five which was ten years after their previous full length album. which, according to the band that they took their time 'to record, recharge and reinvent and expanded on their signature mesh of swirling guitars, gnashing rhythms and sometimes sad, but always sweet melodies and harmonies'.


all over you(blue mix)...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

groove tunnel - rainy day 1995 7"

from a mind of a "simplistic hippy", sharing love, peace and happiness. groove tunnel provides a combination of an original kind of acid go-go funk with hammond driven familiar themes you rarely see or hear anymore. wish i could add more but there are just no info available from this detour records band from west sussex.
it was picked up from a local record store... just wonderin' how it got there. i also happen to see a record i've completely forgotten some 30 years ago! an original 7" release of bimbo jets' "el bimbo", man, i remember being forced and cheered to dance to this song by my older cousins and relatives. whew! now i know why.

rainy day...

how do you feel...

Friday, January 14, 2011

afterglow - fall behind 7" 1992

another band from down under out on summershine records, released a couple of eps from 1992 thru 1994 and was never again heard from since... 'til now. i was fascinated by the early 90s indie bands. it was all about music music music, today... it's sad but it's mostly image, looks and hype. i first heard aftergow from "just a taste" comp. and i thought they were pretty good you know me my weaknesses are feedback and dreamy vocals. kinda like my comfort food and i blame jamc for that. once again i apologize for the pops and crackles i just don't have the time to clean every single song plus i'm in the midst of switching from old to my new all-in-one touchscreen computer. and i tell ya what... windows 7 is the bomb so far. so kindly bare with me, ayt?!

fall behind...

melt down...

Monday, January 10, 2011

the lover speaks - no more i love you's 12" 1986

ok while we are on the same topic, eighties that is.... i just recently picked this one up in december of last year. i was very surprised to see this in a near mint condish knowing it 's about two decades a half old. i've been curious as to what the 12" looks like as well as its sound(hoping it would be a remix or extended version, but it was neither). i was never really a fan of ordering stuff online until lately, i guess you can call me a late bloomer so anyways, in simple arithmetic this record is easy to get if you're relying on the internet market but not in record stores especially here in los angeles. just too damn many competitions.
the seven inch release has been posted on music on vinyl blog that contains the b side "this can't go on" but the twelve inch has an extra b side which will be included for sampling, together with the main song. that was also re-recorded and re-sung by annie lennox of eurythmics. the original version i think has more feel to it and it sounds like the singer was really expressing his inner emotions and sensitiveness.

no more i love you's...

of tears...

this can't go on...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

mainframe - 5 minutes on... 12" 1985

a synthpop duo comprised of john molloy and murray munro (i have to mention their names because there are about more than twelve bands out there known as mainframe). also known as "the noise of art", i know kinda wierd huh?, i immediately thought of the art of noise too, i'm totally confused. but anyway their music is somewhat similar to psb and art of noise? with a real funky beat. listen and hear 5 minutes on.. of your time get stolen away.
fyi: this record is not in the best shape to say the least so no judging, ayt!

5 minutes on...(extended version)

5 minutes on...(twelve '' version)

also if you must insist get a raw copy(not cleaned) of all the tracks from this release here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

monaco - i've got a feeling cd5 2000

born in the late nineties, formed by the remaining members of "revenge" monaco is/was david potts on vocals and peter hook of new order and joy division on bass and programmings. following the demise of revenge peter hook reunites with potts after joining new order back for an album. they have their only two albums released independently in their short appearance in less than 5 years. didn't break any records nor made the top ten whatever on the indie charts or i wouldn't be talking about them here, but their cds availabilities says otherwise. this, i believe is the first and only single from their second album called "monaco" in 2000 which i also possess.
fyi: the cd contains the edited version of i've got a feeling that is different from the album. and no that's not barney singing.
so have a great new year y'all!(sucks, i hate going back to work)!

i've got a feeling...