Sunday, December 18, 2011

the stage - nothing stranger than today 12" 1986

hi y'all, this is probably my last post of the year. a treat from the mid-eighties... released a couple of pretty beautiful jingles on i.r.s. in 1986, though no signs of a full album anywhere, i'm curious what the other single sounds like. not really sure what the twelve inch record is like since there were no downloads available on the web and as far as the cover, didn't think it would come in one so i was a little skeptic purchasing on an online store but it did so it was a bonus.
anyway enjoy the music and have a good  and safe holiday!

the stage - nothing stranger than today (12" version)...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

summerhill - i want you 12" 1988

this debut single from the scottish jangle pop band that was formed from the ashes of snakes of shake was the only single released by the band from the indie label rocket 5 records in 1988. the band was comprised of seori burnett(love that name) on vocals, neil scott on guitar and harmonies, keith gilles handles the bass job on two of the songs from this ep as well as blair mcdonald on drums  who i'm guessing took over after shedden and stuart walton left the band. shortly after recording a full album under demon records, iain sheddon left the band to join the saints(wikipedia info) and was replaced by michael sturgis, and later on signed to polydor records in the uk. not really my cup of tea at first but you'll learn to like it after pausing, rewind and repeat. one thing i know for sure is that i can't find this anywhere on the web and that makes it quite a collectors item compare to the band's other releases. and after googleing most of their songs this is by far their best work ever.

i want you...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, December 4, 2011

kid montana - love may be blind 12" 1985

ok let's go back to the 80s, in 1986 the kids released their one and only album on les disques de crepuscule followed by a series of single, and some were pretty good vibes. kid montana were a quintet of which three of the members were from the punkers "streets" in the late seventies, before forming digital dance and a series of guest appearances from fad gadget to gene loves jezebel and finally jean-marc lederman formed km, with dudley kludt as one of its core members who later joined the magnetic fields in the early 90s.

love may be blind(12" Version)...

kunin mo dito

Thursday, December 1, 2011

random single of the month

a cut from the 1999 hallowed & hollow album by scott-david allen, the nucleus behind the music of a covenant of thorns... this has been a favorite of mine for a long time. certainly a carefully crafted song with beautiful lyrics blended with pure harmonic vocals one can only imagine. acot released a couple of albums independently under a handful of nothing, this one being the first and one in 2004. the album is dark and melodic and 'purgatory' is one of the more livelier song from the album, but even more so... it's warm and emotional, a perfect antonym for synthpop music.

a covenant of thorns - purgatory...

Will you look into my soul
And tell me what you find
Tell me this emptiness
Is just a state of mind.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

riverhead - alpharetta 12" 1990

here's an excellent band from scotland, four lads who released a couple of very manchester-like singles from edinbrugh's very own avalanche records. i dunno what it is about scottsh stripes but it might be something from the scottish waters or their oceanic climate but most outfits that hail out of scotland are mainly making sensible music. though not as funky as it would seem or exactly a dance-floorfilla but remember guys, 1990 was just the beginning of the aforementioned scene. it's just surprising to know that there are still quite a mass of undiscovered bands yet to be uncovered. so keep looking out for those indie releases and remember this next time stop by a record store "indie is like a box of chocolate you'll never know what you gonna get" until you open it. and oh, don't mind gramps, he didn't know his picture was going to end up on a cover of a record.

looking at the sky...

she can...

kunin mo dito and dito

Saturday, November 19, 2011

fat tulips - the fat tulips sings the teardrop explodes 7" 1991

formed in peterbourough in the mid late-eighties, the fatsos(no harm intended) had several singles from the eighties thru the early nineties and so were the list of female vocalists before finally releasing there debut album in 1994 from vinyl japan uk. comprised of mark randall and sarah c.(the original vocalist), later on replaced by katie keen with paul huckerby, matt johnson and sheggi clarkson who later on became the lead vocalist after the departure of katie in 1990.


kunin mo dito

Monday, November 14, 2011

kliche - the lost ruins ep 1987

here's something we rarely see or hear, and if we do maybe just a snippet or a home made video on utube. kliche is mick peters, an obscure new wave canadian one piece synth band from the eighties. the single is housed in an oversized packaging which is something i have not encountered before, kinda like the old cd when it used to come in a long cardboard casing, man, that was ages ago. here's a tip....not too many people know about  this yet so chances are if you see one for sale whether on ebay or a local record store it probably won't cost you an arm and a leg yet, so take advantage of it because what most people don't know is that this was also a limited edition single, meaning not very many were made. both songs are really good... with real nice haunting voice and a roc n' roll attitude!

i will stay..

falling down...

kunin mo dito

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the mccluskey brothers - she said to the driver 12" 1987

ken and david both formerly of the bluebells continued on to be the back bone of the mccluskey brothers following the demise of their old band in 1986. with several albums thru a span of 10 years, the brothers managed to put out at least three albums(i could be wrong) "aware of all" in 1986 later re-issued under vinyl japan in 1992, "favourite colours" and "wonderful affair" both out on their own label 'kingfisher records'. and a compilation of their works was released under linn records in 2000. speaking of albums it's a bit strange to only have a single "single" despite all of the aforementioned releases.

she said to the driver...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, November 6, 2011

whiteout - the next big thing 7" 1991

ini na upat na pidaso na banda hali sa uk, sa greenrock, scotland. nag bukas dini and oasis tapos nag suporta sira sa stone roses sadto na panahon. isipon baya yo-un pagkatapos mag-suporta mas maurag na lugod an gallagher na magkamanghod sa kanira. magayunon baya ini na kanta nira, mapagalun hanapon ini atog mamuroypdoy ka mun-a pero di mo pa ini maimod, badi diyo lang an kupya sini. magayunon liwat and tunog, ma-u pa ini an promiruhon na luwas san banda kaya mag-ugma ka na kun makuha ka sini.

whiteout - orange overdrive...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

random single of the month

up today is majestic, an indie band from orange county, ca since 1996. comprised of ammon watene and scott schultz & co. the song "bub" was produced scott schultz out on shelflife records in 1998 from the album 'live it up' which was also once available on cafe bleu comp. called who what where how & when which incl. band such as the arrogants, the autumns, the brandy alexanders, gwen mars(all locals) just to mention a few. and speaking of cafe bleu... hmmm.. some good memories back then. the only club i know in los angeles that ever played the stone roses, blur, the charlatans, northside, inspiral carpets and the mondays and more.. all in the same night!
"bub" i think is an awesome song worthy of a single.

majestic - bub...

kunin mo dito

Friday, October 28, 2011

big arm - sunrays cd5 2007

one of manchester's finest, big arm, with a summer swagger brings a new single on the table 'sunrays'. fronted by mr. shaun ryder's' brother paul ryder, ex-bassist with happy mondays, the band's machester pedigree is second to none.... also supported the legendary ian brown on his comprehensive uk tour! this one is out on turn on tunes in the uk. and speaking of manchester, i guess you've all heard the news, the stoners are back with the original line up! yeeuh. i can't wait for the guys to tour the us and take over the world!!

sunrays (extended version)...

kuni mo dito

Sunday, October 23, 2011

whirr - june 7" ep 2011

an outfit formerly known as whirl, fronted by nick bassett, together as friends like many before them that's how usually great bands are put together. in 2009, whirr had to drop the last letter of their name due to some legal issues but the music live on. the new single contains an excellent track called "june bouvier", a mixture of dreampop melodies and ethereal vocals. it's more like sarah records meets creation label, in fact you can almost easily guess who their influences are "early nineties shoegaze". they don't make music like these anymore! it's unconditional wall of sound surely captures your undivided attention. solid droning guitar riffs with siren-like voice, a total excursion of  dreampop overload. this is the debut single from the california sextet's upcoming lp, out on tee pee records.

june bouvier...
kudos to the band and thanx for being "different" and sounding out of mainstream!
we are sick of ga-gas. keep the genre alive!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

purple submarine orchestra - acapulco ep 2008

purple submarine orchestra or pso were two french guys comprised of mathieu bournazel and nicolas baudard assembled following the demise of their old  bossa-driven  outfit called fantastic!. this ep is nothing far from their earlier works, it contains a pop-tastic main track .. cha cha cha, a feel-good easy-go melody which is by the way released under martyrs of pop in 2008. with influences from the beatles to the velvet underground to dexy's midnight runners to blueboy to the go-betweens just to name a few, i don't know how anyone could go wrong.
since this ep is still available at mop's site, i'm not sure how i can share this without causing any conflicts.

cha cha cha...

kunin mo dito

Saturday, October 15, 2011

winter hours - the confessional 12" 1986

judging from the back cover of this record, the quintet from nyc was fronted by joseph marques and michael carlucci with a taste of american indie from the eighties. no synth, no effects, no pyrotechnics and no make up or fancy hairstyles just plain roc n' roll. reminds me a bit of rem, my friend's fave band. yeah that's you, you know who you are ha,ha,ha, it's time you dig up those old 45s and dust yer r.e.m. collection.

10 minutes...

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the triffids - goodbye little boy 12" 1989

formed in the late seventies by dave mccomb and alan macdonald as high school students, the triffids were the best-loved post-punk outfit from western australia. they've gained more success in the eighties as an indie band in the uk rather than their hometown perth. both the go-betweens and the triffids were highly regarded as the two most literate and evocative aussie bands of the eighties outside  the mainstream pop culture nexus of australia. although, wide open road and bury me deep in love were the two of their more popular songs, my own personal fave is still "the beautiful waste" from 1984. on the other hand this single has jill birt on vocals, a cute mellow song probably one of the band's last single before disbanding in 1989.
r.i.p., dave richard mccomb, 1999.

goodbye little boy...

kunin mo dito

Friday, October 7, 2011

the asteroid #4 - what a sorry way to go 7" 1997

this was possibly the 2nd single from the psychedelic rock/indie/shoegaze band from philadelphia. a laid back, easy-lazy space sound that is more nostalgic than boring. the band had just released their fifth studio album called "these flowers of ours: a treasure of witchcraft and devilry" which have gotten reviews and comparisons to some great bands from the past such as spacemen 3 and the rain parade. you can go to band's myspace page here to get more info.

what a sorry was to go...

kunin mo dito

Monday, October 3, 2011

stumble - hey mr.(watch yer shadow) 7''1992

here's another single that i've no clue about, so clueless that i have to rely on the 411 on the back cover. lucky for me i think i have enough just about all that is needed to support this post. ergo, stumble is a four piece band from atlanta, georgia, comprised of steve on vox, pope john on guitars and vox, pete on bass and stumble on drums hence the name of the band. the single was recorded in chapel hill, n. carolina, courtesy of buttfork music and was released thru rocka mundo of long island,ny. this i think was the american version of britpop ala marion and the manics not the other britpop like blur or pulp.

you're turned on....
kunin mo dito

Saturday, October 1, 2011

random single of the month

calling out all readers of this blog! not too long ago i've downloaded an mp3 compilation of most wanted songs from some site i can't remember. it has this awesome song that goes like this....but not sure exactly!

"on and on we go, love lies number seven.
found my higher ground.
kisses straight from heaven..
you're all i ever wanted,
you're all i never had.
you never had to show emotion,
you never had to show love.
you gotta tell me where i'm wrong,
you gotta tell me i'm not strong.
i wish i could see you"(3X)....

dunno - dunno...

so if anyone know this song kindly pls tell us, pretty pls., i've tried goggleing the lyrics but to no avail. aahhhh..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the legend! - everything's coming up roses 12" 1986

this was the jerry thackray's fifth or six single, i maybe wrong who is also known as everett true, the talent behind the legend!. which was also shortened originally of the legendary jerry thackray, the band had a couple of singles under creation records. mcgee and jerry became friends in 1982 and the rest were history.

heaven's above...

kunin mo dito

Friday, September 23, 2011

thirty by ninety - that's something 7" 1986

ok here's something i just recently picked up and i've no clue whatsoever about this us band nor i know someone that knows about them. the cover seems to have a potential plus it was released in 1986(only one of the best decade in music history, duh), what can possibly go wrong. i do this more often than not, buy and experiment just like man vs. food costly enough the experiment always gets the best of me. so i thought i'd gave it a try and perhaps somebody out  there might be interested in this, nothing extra special just straight up rock n' roll.


kunin mo dito

Monday, September 19, 2011

the strand - you saw me swimming(the dolphin song) 12" 1986

ok, so i finally found time for myself this past weekend.. no cheer leading competition to go to, no weekend at the beach thingy and no more must-do projects, 'least none that i know about. anyway when a man got an extra time for himself he turns to his hobby, and so i managed to burn several records from my unsorted new arrivals. some of which are totally unavailable on the web and some were not so familiar to our listening ears yet. and that's were the strand stands out, i am/was very curious about this band, i've seen this record quite a few times in my life and as early as the beginning of the nineties when i started collecting records and tapes. that's right cassette tapes my friends, and i know i shouldn't have to coz it's a waste of time and will it ever be a collector's item? perhaps not very many, but i know one tape that every single indie-pop fan wants to get their hands on is that one and only album by playing at trains called "go"(it was never released on any other format). so anyway back to the post, i can't find a single info about the band. i know the singer don't like dolphins coz apparently they've(dolphins) stolen drinks from him. lol. this is a really cute song, boy and girl vocals and catchy as hell too. it was stuck in my mind for a couple of hours, and blimey you'll learn to love it and you'll be humming before you know it. there is one little set back though... you might start hatin' dolphins for no reason!

the single contains two songs, the a-side which you will be able to sample below c/w the flipside(which is the remix version) sample available upon request.

you saw me swimming(the dolphin song)...

Monday, September 12, 2011

idaho - skyscrape 7" 1993

a duo that started in the early nineties, formed in los angeles by jeff martin(vocals, guitars, bass,drums, keyboards)and john berry(guitar, bass, drums, noise). their music varies from indie rock to shoegaze to folk and now alternative. this seven inch single contains sad but very calming music although some might find these boring and tormenting it actually clears your mind. trust me if you find yourself alone or even with someone of the same music preference in  a remote place just look at the sky and listen to some shoegaze tune and blimey it's a total atmospheric experience.


kunin mo dito

Thursday, September 8, 2011

in embrace - the living daylights 7" 1983

a great synthpop/new wave/indie outfit from the uk led by gary knight from the early to the late mid-eighties . with two  albums, a mini lp and a fair amount of singles in their resume', you would think a cd compilation would be available in circulation but believe you me, none of their materials were ever released on a digital format. too bad. in fact the first two albums are pretty expensive and the singles are too, which makes me want it more! i was lucky enough to have picked this one up from the bargain bin at amoeba in hollywood. just an fyi, this song  is also available in a newer version and longer remix on the "your heaven scent" twelve inch ep in 1984.

the living daylights...

kuni mo dito

Monday, September 5, 2011

random single of the month

a cut from the album "kings of the desert" in 1990, self -produced by the band and mark dawson. although it was released on an indie label called paperhouse records on a 7" format, the 12" expanded version never saw the light of the day. the band, a quartet from wiltshire delivers an indie psychedelic rock music(imagine five-thirty with dr. phibes) with a hint of manchester flavor who managed to put out another album in 1992 with the single "english road song" on a 7" format and a 4-track ep called "the curse of the badgeman" which i would've loved to have listen to but to no avail.

the badgeman - crystals....

fortunately for us several links were provided by simon wigglesworth himself(bass player of the badgeman).
the badgeman's soundcloud page
the badgeman myspace site
and their own blog

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the vermont sugar house - braveheart 7" 1999

ok, so i stumbled upon this cd compilation from germany(gema as we call it), at a local record store in hollywood back in the nineties and i'm not talking about amoeba music store(aarons records why, why??). nothing special but what caught my attention was the title which was "i tried a thousand times, a thousand times to change your mind". it contains twenty tracks from twenty different independent acts from the uk under firestation tower records, right. so i said to myself 'why not' it might sounds like the bodines unless the title of the comp. states otherwise. anyway the vermont sugar house was one of them and they sound somewhat familar or at least the vocals was, and it wasn't until last month that i realized after a careful researching that it was in fact martin king and david platten of the desert wolves, one of the best group to ever hailed from manchester. unlike its predecessor, tvsh is more melodic and less jangly but otherwise equally awesome.


kunin mo dito

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

further - filling station 7" 1992

this is the debut single from the los angeles indie band that evolved from the late eighties band called shadowland, with brothers brent and darren brademaker as core members. their music is very much like that of dinosaur jr.  to pavement opposite to their precursor band as mentioned who's more into sixties sound,.further was leaning more towards the likes of us indie noise sometime lo-fi scene in the mid-nineties.

filling station...

kunin mo dito

Friday, August 19, 2011

the cat's miaow - third floor fire escape view 7" 1994

bart and cameron formed the cat's miaow after girl of the world end it's world in 1993. waisting no time at all, this ep was recorded near the end of that very same year gotw disbanded and was released the year after. the cat's miaow along with andrew and kerrie went on to record about six more singles in 7" format and a couple of cds perhaps more and some reissues on various recording labels. here's what i don't understand according this australian outfit's own website, the cat's miaow's discog show cassettes releases as early as 1992 comprised of earlier versions of their official recordings. same year girl of the world released their single on parasol records. so go figure.
this ep contains four short but sweet indie pop anthems.
third floor fire escape...

kunin mo dito

Monday, August 15, 2011

the real people - rolling stone 1996

one of the very first livepudlian band to ever played "britpop" labeled music. a band whom oasis consider as one of their most influential band who coincidentaly was influenced by the likes of the stone roses and the inspiral carpets and the mersey sounds of the 60s. born in 1988 and i believe still active til this day was formed by brothers chris and anthony griffiths with a drummer named dave reilly of china crisis.
this single contains 3 tracks not included on the import release courtesy of the seedy singles label.
the people in the telly they're jumping out the tv screen  
and they are talking to me, 
they got a message from the man in the moon... 
"i'm scared what's on the outside". 
although it's not much there, just a little sunshine.
what's on the outside...

kunin mo dito

listen to "feel the pain" on youtube on 1:35 mark and tell me that's not oasis'.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

search party - all around the world 12" 1983

i must admit that i have been waiting for someone to post this single for a while now but so far i've heard 7" and album versions of the song. so wait no more. certainly, there is a collector out there with exact similar record, you would think it'd be posted already but it's quite the opposite. so we wait no more. a single produced and mixed by tony mansfield an english singer songwriter, producer, etc whose works can be linked on many eighties artist such as captain sensible, naked eyes, the rescue, his very own new musik and more! search party was alan rear and lee jacob, released only this and "urban foxes" singles from 1982 to 1983. you can check more history at slash artist slash search+party. party mix is a longer danceable version of the the 7" release. enjoy.

all around the world(party mix)...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

random single of the month

this month i am really tied up at work too busy in fact everyone was handed a notice that a mandatory ot is a must in order to catch up with work. pretty ironic you say, with what's going on about the us debt dilemma right?! well that's another topic for another bog. so here we are i don't even know where to start... i haven't got the time to burn stuff lately. i am just now finishing a yard project i  started about a year ago, hehehe....
anyway this month's rsotm is a great indie band from the philippines, if you like the ethereal sound of the radio dept. and the mary onettes or even the dreamy murmur or moscow olympics, this band is perfect for you.. a sugar-coated almond. i found them on, you'd be surprised how may awesome bands out there waiting to be uncovered, go ahead check it out.
enjoy and i promise to deliver more in the coming weeks.

some gorgeous accident - luminescence 2011...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

pastel collision - wherever you go, take me with you cd5 1996

"Preston/Manchester-based, girl-fronted, trumpet-fired English jangle-pop band who released four singles (1994-1997) in the vein of the Pop Guns, the Would-Bes and the Siddeleys before regrouping as a trio under the name 'Kaleida'. As Kaleida, they recorded an album for Spain's Siesta level in 1998, in a sleeker, more Euro-synthy style, called 'Knowing who your friends are', before going on the back-burner around 1999." 

wherever you go take me with you...

kunin mo dito

Monday, July 18, 2011

the would be's - the wonderful ep 1991

comprised of three brothers and a female vocal, this irish indie pop band formed in 1989 by the finnegans. the finnegan(mattie-guitars, paul-guitar, eamonn-bass) were accompanied by pascal smith on drums, aideen o'reilly on sax, trombone and violins with j. mcdonnell on vocals. while this one is out on decoy records their previous releases were on danceline and comet tapes. after disappearing in 1991, the band re-united with a new singer this time and released two more singles in 2000 with karen cunningham on vocals replacing eileen gogan who also replaced the 17 year old original singer julie mcdonnell who chooses to stay in school(an excellent choice) following the release of their very first single. you can find out more about the band in their mys **** site here.

my radio sounds different in the dark...

kunin mo dito

Thursday, July 14, 2011

the heart throbs - here i hide 12" 1988

an indie band from the uk, reading to be precise. this is one of their earlier releases from late eighties before signing to one little indian for their first full length album in 1990. listening to these tracks you can tell what they're leaning towards, yeah dreamtime, right?! all three tracks from this ep sound likes it came out of the "cleopatra grip" album except for here i hide of course, that being said this twelve inch ep offers the extended version of the title track different from the cd version so its worth the time and space.

pale fire...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the cuckoos - 3pep 12" ep 1991

here's a band from london, england(or so it say on the sleeve of the record) that released three singles in the early nineties under imaginary records. the closest comparison i can think of would be that of the british neo-psychedelic quintet called the dylans. it's the dylan-esque rhythms and vocals that got me interested in pursuing more about this trio from the uk. since i got this ep i've managed to look them up on youtube as i often do and i am now on the hunt for their second single called "iscariot" in 1992, the song if is reminiscent of a beatle song. i would like get a digital copy of the ep if there are any available out there. but for now enjoy this band and hopefully someone out there might be so kind to share us copies of both iscariot and screever eps.

without you...

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

music for pleasure - light 12'' 1982

a new wave band that started in the very late seventies in leeds, england also home of the wedding present and other several great bands from that same decade. founded by martin king, alan peace, sean wheatley and david whitaker who went on to play for the danse society. christopher oldroyd replaced wheatley on drums which later on played drums for red lorry yellow lorry on their second studio album in 1987. the band released seven singles, some on the independent label rage records and rockburghs records and two full length album in 1982 and 1985. this being their fourth released 12" single under polydor uk has that mild synth-vibe floorfiller type to it, i can only imagine new wavers back then feeling the beat on the dance floor.


kunin mo dito

Friday, July 1, 2011

random single of the month

wow it's july already, can you believe it? it seems like yesterday we were just doing our holiday shopping. i guess time flies when you're having fun. speaking of fun... i am still paying for my holiday expenses from last xmas and that's no fun at all. lol. sorry i'm a rookie at these text characters you know the lmao, brb, thingys. well i am glad it's the seventh month of the year, my two year agreement with money-sucking verizon is up this 8th day, whew! and just so happen that boost(a special mention)mobile have a what you would call "smart phone" that allows you to have access to the internet wherever there is a connection signal(meaning i can check or or ebay and youtube before i spend the money on some record i know nothing about). i am not only a collector but i also sell cds and records online, i mean how great is that, now i never ever have to put stuff on hold at the record store just to check if some records i'm buying is worth the price. it saves me the trip going back, time and money. and that's not all it fifty bucks is all you pay each month with taxes and everything included and if you pay your bill on time six months in a row you will get a five dollar discount each and every month after that til you reach their minimum of thirty five bucks(that's all you pay monthly) and still have unlimited text, email, talk and internet!! just to make things straight i do not work for boost mobile i am just happy to leave verizon wireless and spend my money on something worth feeling good about! amen.
today's featured artist is from sweden, excellent track with a really good vibe, something very original. good luck finding the ep, although it's available on digital download wherever sold the cd release is otherwise quite scarce. enjoy.

biker boy - heart...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

hearts on fire - you may not know 12" 1985

another twelve o'clock production this one is, a four song ep from the mid-eighties with female vocal and jangly guitars. something to add to your midnight music collections if you are trying to complete one. i picked this one up out of curiosity, no idea what they sound like or where they're from. don't worry it wasn't a costly experiment but they do have the potential so if anyone has their album pls. rightfully share so. and off this one goes to my music inventory list.

persuade me....

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

beautiful people - foxey lady 12" 1992

acid, ambient, deep house, dance, call it what you will. it's the guitar that usually separates music genres from  one to the other, but it is mostly the drums that brings all genres together. take an old  song from the 70s for example and put some decent programming and pair it with a hard hitting heart pounding killer drumbeats and viola ni lola... you have hendrix re-incarnated. speaking of drums, the only member from this trio that found success after the band's demise in their short career in the nineties was robin goodridge who now plays for the british alternative outfit called "bush".

foxey lady(bella godiva)...

kunin mo dito

Saturday, June 11, 2011

modesty blaise - cristina terrace 7" 1994

the blaise were a nineties band. this single being their first was out on spirit of '86 label, also produced by edwyn collins was near the top of independent music polls. after several albums and line-up changes from 1994 thru 2002, the band finally settle with jonny collins - vocals, guitars, david w. brown - bass, gregory jones - guitars, vocals  and mark bradley on drums. most music fans classified them as one the finest mod band to ever came out of the nineties(hence the band's name although nothing to do with comic strip from yesteryear, i think). maybe because it's the hairstyle, their clothes or that 60s music influence that almost sounds very familiar.

cristina terrace...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, June 5, 2011

just ahead...

here's just a few of what will be posted in the near future. some old, some new and some undiscovered. just haven't got the time to burn them yet. i've been and has been sorting and organizing my cd collections in the last two weekends since don't have the time to do it on weekdays(too much work at work) get it?! lol. i barely got this awesome 5ft. tall cd swiveling storage cabinet which i am very satisfied, it holds more than six hundred cds. in the process i was able to find some gems like the postal collision from spain, postal blue from brazil, red sleeping beauty and a couple of 45s from aussies' the cat's miaow, an ultra scarce 7" from the poontons, plus some new arrivals in the likes of the search party and the would be's, an early indie mod-sensation from england, the modesty blaise and more.
so some good things ahead. chill guys, the future looks bright i gotta wear... forget it! i'm not going there!

in the meantime enjoy this one from the late eighties....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

dollar - hand held in black and white 12" 1981

ini baga siguro daghanun an release na single bag-o yaa. nansin medyo awat mahanap an version sini na may-on sin drawing an cover,  kaya iniske-wiski ko na lang para magay-on man an pag imod ha?! buli an sayo ko na amigo digdi magpara-kuragit na-naman yadto kay gustuhon liwat sadto an  mga sungad sini na kanta. atog malin baga an kusmag na pinasu an samingkig. hali ini sa ikatulo na album nira dati man ini synthpop nan new wave kaya mayad an tunog pero awatun na ini na banda  kaya sana magustuhan niyo, k?!
may sayo sira na tugtug na sikatun badi yadto pa madumduman niyo kaya lang wara yadto sin dako na plaka.

hand held in black and white(extended version)...

kuwa-a dini

Thursday, May 19, 2011

if? - if... the grid 12" remixes 1991

i was almost certain this band was british in blood but american by nationality or vice versa, it don't matter here. a little of history 101.... remember this "your technique it leaves me weak, my heart knows it's the beat i seek and i found it just got lucky - yes i found it just got lucky" and a chiming bell before that. well, three of the members from joboxers who migrated from the uk to the us of a in the 70s
found themselves playing together again in the early nineties when the club scene was fresh and pretty much welcoming all kinds of music (dance related), indie included. and when most release were instantly remixed whether its a love song or ballad it didn't matter. not to stray from the topic, david collard, rob marche, and sean mclusky with lindsay edwards and paul wells formed if and released an album and some singles from 1990 to 1992. if?'s technique wast not be ignored, at the 1:09 mark you will feel that familiar piano verse and you will think to yourself 'they belong! rave on!

this is a two track single from the 1991 'english boys in the love ranch' album on mca label.

if(kill wagner mix)...

kunin mo dito

Saturday, May 14, 2011

blink - cello cd5(part 1 of a 2 part set) 1994

the second installment from blink but not necessarily their second release, not as baggy as the first one but rather more acid and a bit groovier than most(of their songs). the song was obviously well-produced, the timing and programming was patiently handled very well. "wonderful scene" reminds me of the neo-psychedelic brit band "the dylans" from sheffeild. the cd includes two mixes of cello... ambient mix millwall brick mix both similar to the seven inch version just a bit longer.

cello(7" version)...

wonderful scene...

Monday, May 9, 2011

blink - happy day cd5 1994

let's see the lakers never looked good during the playoff this time of year... but what the heck they'd won the spotlight this past two seasons making it 16th championships altogether!! i think that's unfair for other teams to not get any recognitions of any sort.. i dunno perhaps i'm just sour graping. i hate to see 'em walkaway this early, it's just too painful to watch and a total heart breaker! oh well, we can't be too selfish it's a sport and nothing is written on a stone so we'll get 'em next season. right!? i hope maybe just maybe with a strong presence in the middle, i am tired of people labeling la "soft" and chuck(barkley), man i'd like to prove him wrong!!!hater. lol. hikbi, hikbi!!!...

okay guys let bygones be bygones and let the good times roll... these guys been around a while. i dunno if you remember this "i'm not worried i have nothing to hide from them, but you looked worried maybe just a bit concerned, oh no, oh no.." well that was an excerpt from "empty shell's" if heavens waiting 7" back in 1986 their one and only. and you asked why it was brought up, it seems like a very pre mature break up for dermot lambert and ellen leahy. they wanna do more, so following the demise of empty shell the two formed the band called "rex & dino" which was active from 1987 to '89, released two 7" records under lime and danceline records which i have yet to find or hear so if anyone has these pls. come forward. lol! i'm pretty sure it won't disappoint.
which bring me to this post, sometime in the early nineties dermot wasn't done yet. the genius of him formed yet another excellent band. a little late you'd say for the madchester era, but i'm sure that's not what they have in mind when the album "a map of the universe by blink" was released under lime records in 1995 with two baggy like singles before that including this one. but they sure make it sound really amazing yet again!!! hey guys i am really curious what rex & dino sounds like so a little help would probably close this case and solve the mystery!!

happy day(carrot cake mix)...


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

random single of the month

the latest contribution from mark sniper, the heart and soul of blank dogs. just in case you didn't know the band have five full length albums in the market all independently released. this one although a little different from previous albums gives me something interesting enough to compare to some of our old post punk/new wave/synth favourites from the eighties. "land and fixed" is all that, besides the obvious dreamy synth-driven  instrumentals, mike sniper also surely resembles the patented haunting vocals of its darkwave predecessors. the album has more mustard than pants it worth listening to.  it'll definitely take you back and remind you why we love joy d., et al.

blank dogs - blurred tonight...

Friday, April 29, 2011

robert marlow - the face of dorian gray 12" 1983

with help from vince clarke and eric radcliffe a mute records producer, robert marlow who's musical career has been around since the 1970s, discover somewhat a great formula to create a great synth tune. this collaboration shows how vince clarke signature forte carried on throughout his career from dm to yazoo to erasure.
robert marlow grew up in basildon with dm's founding members vince clarke, martin gore and andy fletcher. also played alongside alison moyet with the punk band "the vandals" before teaming up with vince and martin gore in a band called "the plain" later became "french look" and one mtv video later known as depeche mode.

the face of dorian gray(extended version)...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, April 24, 2011

love and money - strange kind of love 12" 1988

aah.. two things i love most in life. love and money, sounds like a cliche? this single is not, as my newly acquired import 12" this scottish group that was formed in 1985 in glasgow following the demise of friends again, an excellent band and very tough to follow that made some impressions in the early eighties. led by james grant, stuart kerr and paul mcgeechan all from friends again of whom the original and only album "trapped and unwrapped" still one of the most sought after cd on the net. with the addition of bobbie paterson, douglas macintyre and gordon wilson, the band released a dozen of singles maybe more in a decade of existence and this is quietly my favourite.

strange kind of love (extended version)...

kunin mo dito

Saturday, April 16, 2011

fire next time - too close cd5 1988

this is a four song ep released on a cd format in 1988. the band have one full length and two other singles from polydor records and i've trying to find that "north to south" cd  for a long time now. in fact, too long that i have forgotten until this very moment. "too close" reminds me of the big dish and faith bros. crossover. this one is for the eighties lovers in all of us...
all songs was written by james maddock, too close produced by hugh jones.

too close...

tears are nothing new...

Monday, April 11, 2011

the crystal set - thrive 7" 1990

the crystal set came about in the early eighties, hailing from sydney. this aussie act had two full length albums and several singles from red eye records, this one being the first 7" from "almost pure" album released in 1991. thrive to me is very much like an echo and the bunnymen song circa reverberation. a quartet fronted by steve kilbey's(the church, aka jack frost)brother... russel kilbey with davey ray moor, phillip maher and tim seckhold.

kunin mo dito


kicking around...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

dr. phibes and the house of wax equations - sugarblast ep 1990

something psychedelic and somewhat alternative this is a perfect soundtrack for people who likes to be mesmerised when in the zone. yeah you know who you are. correct me if i'm wrong but i believe this is the first contribution by the liverpudlian trio of howard king jr., lee belsham and keith york. kinda like my fren randy_b wid his handy dandy yorkie turntable, lol. watup boi ukit!!!
marshmallow madness...

kunin mo dito