Saturday, October 2, 2010

random single of the month

this past month came up about late in most of everything i did. i had been running on a very tight schedule lately and therefore posting new materials' a bit of a challenge for me. but not no more... this october i celebrate the birth of indiefference. yay! two years, just like that and i still remember being very excited about my first post. well i thank all the great blogs that made me wanna and  all my friends(i don't like to address them as followers) that subscribes to this blog. thanx for all your patience and thanx for spending your time even for a bit with me, you are all been an inspiration to me and i couldn't be more happier.
today's fillet cut is the second track off of the 1986 12" single "reach for your gun"  from e'l records.

bid - love


randybazooka said...

tight schedule?? what tight schedule huh...watcha toking bout there huh!! maybe tight peng-peng hehehe...seriously happy 2nd mah fren, you've gone a long way here and posted many awesome and neverheard stuff, its because of you that i started my own piece of sh*t blog hehehe...but anyways lets continue on blogging 'till our pc's expolde.

cino_pacino said...

aaahhhh. hey randyb long time no hear my man! up early today huh.. wat's cracken bouy? hahaha.. can't wait for your next post. brotha. thanx for the greet, yeah?!.