Wednesday, September 1, 2010

random single of the month

golden were mainly canny, celina and lucy but with the musical genius of former music journalists stanley/wiggs as we know them from the alternative dance act saint etienne. they released two excellent singles from stanley and wiggs' own label "icerink" in the early nineties. their music as it sounds like is as dreamy as an indie disco dance-pop can be, a little bit of 60s and 70s influence but mildly synthesized dance tempo. their first single 'anglo american'  is more upbeat than this one. as it appears stanley/wiggs is almost as perfect as gallagher/gallagher as they went on to produced tons of music. just an fyi... this is a sir jarvis cocker cover.
you can find more useful infos. of the band and their other single here.

wishful thinking...1993


randybazooka said...

yeah this is dreamy man...dream of a naked bebot with brazilian wax uuuhmmm parang physical check up bago ma-hire kelangan kasya sa kamay LOL

NOISEBOX said...

sounded like tangerine and saint etienne's kiss and make up combined...galing!...physical checkup, kelangan kasya sa paa ni colenso para virgin pa, hahaha!