Thursday, July 29, 2010

the anyways - sunshine down ep 1993

the anyways had been around since the late eighties behind the brilliant songwriting of richard ramage, pete lock, alan buckley, mark price & co. one of their songs was also featured on the leamington spa series compilation. in 1994 they've released a limited edition cd to 400 copies that contains everything if not all of their works from  '87 thru '93. the cd is a definite c86 treat for the would be indiepop lovers of today. this ep from marineville records in the uk includes three beautiful indie tunes in which two are going to be shared. fyi the second song reminds me of the high's early single up and down.

wish away


Monday, July 26, 2010

swirl - swirl ep 1991

first ever ep from this awesome aussie indie band that i've been dying to find everytime i visit a record store and i am glad to have finally found it. yesterday my kids and i went to the world's famous "pink's hotdog" in hollywood just because we were cravin' it. stood there and wait like 35 minutes in line. and i kid you not, it seems like the first time everytime, the wait.. well it was worth it. i got me "the hoff" which i've never tried before and it was a filler, man. then we went to guitar center to get a tuner and we headed to amoeba for a jiffy(i promised the kids to be fast) so i just browsed quickly thru the 12" section and voila! 3 bucks takes it home.
i have another ep from the same band called "fall" on playtime records and this one is from half a cow, i don't know if they're the same band! they co-existed at the same time in the early nineties... anyway if they're not both bands were great.

swirl - people i know

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the cake kitchen - the cake kitchen ep 1990

the cake kitchen sometimes called the cakekitchen  delivers somewhat catchy psychedelic avant-garde music that started as early as the late eighties when front man graeme jefferies solo album " messages for the cakekitchen" was released in 1987 hence the birth of you guessed it, the cake kitchen. whom musical career stretches up to almost all of the last two decades. a word of advise if you see this ep for less than $20 grab it, also all four tracks plus 6 others was released by homestead records under "time flowing backwards" in 1991.

the cake kitchen - dave the pimp

the cake kitchen - witness to your secrets

Sunday, July 18, 2010

josef k - heaven sent 12" 1987

after watching the "audio" only video of this magnificent scottish post-punk band on youtube, i came to realise that i gotta have me a copy of this freaking amazing single. and for the luck of my life there it was waiting for me just wanting to be bought and shipped(got me a perr-tty good deal at musicstack). speaking of shipping i wouldn't suggest buying or selling records right now, the weather is too hot and it will be such a loss to have a record damaged because of the heat.
anyway i am just very surprised that i have not known this band earlier, but you see the no. 1 love of my life is the early nineties indie scene and coincidentally this do sounds like it.

josef k - heaven sent

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the bartlebees - twen beat 7" 1995

this next post is totally unknown to me. just another unexpected experiment while i was browsing thru piles of what used to be a mountain of treasure at rockaway records in silverlake now just a clutter of over-priced memorabilias. i remember back in the day when everything was within reach. they used to have a great selection of bargain records in that old record shack across the street from the new one... floors were uneven and shaky at times. but the records and cds they sell were just great back then, i guess they don't buy or sell stuff their staff don't know anything about. sad :(
anyway song #2 from this 7" release will be visually shared, i think it's the best track from the ep.

tingnan mo dito

Saturday, July 10, 2010

judybats - all day afternoon 1993

taken from the album "pain makes you beautiful", their 3rd studio album this is the song that stands out from the cd and separate the judybats from the rest of the american bands(don't worry its not a bad thing it just means that they sound a little different than most). this  song is catchy,strong and sounds like they know what they're really doing and all day afternoon  proves it very much so. listen to the band from knoxville, tennessee and hear what they have to offer!!

judybats - all day afternoon

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the essence - only for you(dance mix)

yeah, that's right it's a remix dance version of that great postpunk tune. something we've never heard before and much thanx to steve lima for the great effort and making it all possible. i say right on! it's not a bad mix in fact it sounds very  very good. so hear the bonus and play it loud!

the essence - only for you(fiesta mix)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

karisma - six two eight 12" 1985

ini... medyo harayo na sa mga gusto ko pero mayad man an tuno. malin baga an synthpop na may pagka-italo, kaya lang pampa-kunswelo lang baga sa mga kauropod ko dini na mahilig sa sugad sini na kanta ,lalo na si randyb, nb nan si tk99. mao man lang an ako purpos dini... pang guyok lang sa kanira. an maraot sini diri pa nira aram an ako insa-sabi. awat na ini na kanta pero sikat ini sadto sa diskuhan, pa-aralpugan baga sa baylihan.. mao man yun an ako nadumduman sini na kanta.
p.s. ansinabi ko na boses keke, karaw lang yadto diri man to-too.
happy 4th july and cheers!

imuda dini
karisma - 628

Thursday, July 1, 2010

random single of the month

if you kasabian like i do then you'll definitely love this exclusive special mix of the song lsf, mix by yours truly not with a classic ttb but a simple technical virtual device. this is a track i could play a thousand times and would never get sick. it's a classic and it never gets old, now it's longer and better. play it loud, say it loud pls. support the band!

tingnan mo dito or kunin mo dito