Wednesday, June 9, 2010

johnny dee - motorbike loves you 1994

an a-ok quartet from southern japan makes up this excellent band, that to me ranks as one of many great neo acoustic indiepop band of the nineties. as we all know the nineties indie scene was single-handedly dominated by the baggy scene and most of the indiepop, neo-aco and such were overshadowed. and i thought this would certainly remind you of what you've missed back in the day.

tingnan mo dito or kunin mo dito


TK99 said...

ask johnny dee!! hehehe chesterfields pala yun. Thank you dito ah.

cino_pacino said...

yeeee... np tk99 salamat din!!!

Zer0_II said...

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jay_silverio said...

I just wanna ask, where is the band Johnny Dee?

cino_pacino said...

it was a japanese indie outfit mainly situated in japan in the nineties.. and that's all i know mate.