Sunday, June 27, 2010

manbreak - wasted cd5 1997

manbreak were a short-lived 5 piece band from northern england that existed from 1996 thru 1998 and released just one full length album on one little indian and a couple of singles. the label aims to bring eclectic music and reached quite a success with bands such as the shamen and bjork.
just to let everyone know i still have a lot of nineties music coming out.

kunin mo dito

Thursday, June 24, 2010

the wedding - tomorrow i set sail 7" 1985

here's a band that people often can't talk about without mentioning u2 in the same sentence, for some reason their music was correlated to u2's musical genius maybe it's the egde's guitar riffs. but i don't see it that way, they would've been a perfect fit for the twelve o'clock production. haunting vocal with the essence's-like instruments... this one will surely lighten up, or should i say darken up your post punk collection.

tomorrow i set sail...

kunin mo dito

Monday, June 21, 2010

just ahead...

a future look at what to expect in the upcoming posts... a few old stuff i dug up and some unsorted new arrivals. you can say this blog is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your going to get! have a good day everyone, cheers.

Friday, June 18, 2010

lakers repeat!!! 2010

how sweet is this one.... after 82 regular games and 16 playoff battles!! this has got to be the sweetest of them all. a clinching game 7 not to mention the unlikely hero in ron-ron, kobe's turnaround game grabbing 15 rebounds with him and gasol struggling with their shots finding another way to win. a total team effort and defense certainly was the biggest part of the game!!! it seems like yesterday when i had the lakers' post last year and here we are again on the road to threepeat. and yes i hope this this time around the dynasty with kobe, ronron, lamar, gasol, shannon, luke, etc. will be witnessed this time next year if not already!!!
as they say in lakerland "be L.A." go lakers!!!!
shout out to my fellow die-hard laker fans!!!..... nb great host, never say die! ansaya natin meng. si romper wadup wit ur boy rr. randyb, put the scissors down (stop cutting your tutyang) watch the game!!! hahahah... mcdoo whe you at??!! gothboy, the only gothic laker fan i know. tk99 lakers forever! louie, gimme some laptop hope you all got home safe and sound.

carson - up and down 1999

a great band that i can't believe i totally missed out on when they came forth in the late nineties, 1997 if i'm not mistaken is when they released their debut single "nothing" and layed down the fundamentals of britpop. after that i was hooked! this is kasabian before kasabian, merged with rialtoseahorses and the kula shaker all in one. too bad there is not a single airwave station in los angeles that play these kinds of music anymore. i mean kroq used to be good back in the day and indie 103.1 disappeared in thin air faster than you can say enchilada. i guess this can only mean that i have new britpop favourite :).

up and down...

tingnan mo dito

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

dislocation dance - you'll never never know 7" 1982

this record needs no introduction, a little funky a little jazzy and a whole lotta indie with a hint of new wave. this mancunian 5-piece band showcases a mixture of music genres whom in 2006 re-released two cds under ltm publishing, midnight shift + singles and music music music/slip that disc! comps. which to me should be made absolutely mandatory for most of the eighties acts! let's face it there were/are some bands that aren't worth paying attention to.

tingnan mo dito or kunin mo dito

Saturday, June 12, 2010

josef k - sorry for laughing 7" 1981

nice post punk tune from edinburgh's very own josef k. like it's scarcity this single often hard to come by and mostly costly in online shops. not much to say about their greatness as most of you already know how much this band really impact the post punk realm and its entirety.

kunin mo dito

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

johnny dee - motorbike loves you 1994

an a-ok quartet from southern japan makes up this excellent band, that to me ranks as one of many great neo acoustic indiepop band of the nineties. as we all know the nineties indie scene was single-handedly dominated by the baggy scene and most of the indiepop, neo-aco and such were overshadowed. and i thought this would certainly remind you of what you've missed back in the day.

tingnan mo dito or kunin mo dito

Thursday, June 3, 2010

celestial - lake como ep 2005

a real nice shoegaze indie twee pop masterpiece all in one package and a bag of chips is one way to describe this wonderful project by andreas hagman. very much like the moscow olympics and if you like biff bang pow and early primal scream.. you'll find this one just as good. mp3s are available for download at the bands official website. for sample click on the link below!

tingnan mo dito