Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the werefrogs - it's real ltd. 7" 1990

self produced by the band and recorded in nueva york by part trance records in 1990. the band's probably 1st single, sounds very post punk to me you know with overwhelming bass and occasional shifty guitar and leading trumpets in the background. it reminds me of the popular front way different from their latter songs.
i apologize for the picture my scanner went loko.

tingnan mo dito


new wave crossover said...

ok to ha'' nice post cino''

cino_pacino said...

grazie.... gothboy!!

TK99 said...

wow! Ngayon ko lang narinig yung band na to. Gusto ko to pero hanggang tingin lang muna pala ako. hehehe. Do you have any info on them? Taga NY ba sila doon lang sila nag record. Thank you Cino. Punta ba kayo sa New Wave Party sa Rosemead on July 17?