Monday, May 31, 2010

v.a. - our floating images of youth cd 2000

another holiday brings us another compilation, this time  it's a collection of amazing independent artists. a double cd which i've narrowed down to 11 songs(of which 11 of the many great songs in the comp.) handpicked by yours truly, plus an added 4 really good jangly pop tunes. various artists from the eighties and the nineties performed by the bands outside the mainstream act altogether in one cd. for usa bloggers enjoy your holiday! and for all others around the world have a great day.

tracklist as follows:
01 allison statton and spike - a greater notion
02 bmx bandits - do you really love me
03 brightside - falling down
04 direct hits - too shy
05 hal - some days
06 jim jiminee - town and country blues
07 looking glass - mirror man
08 man from delmonte - my love is like a gift
09 pimlico - me and mr. lonely
10 the haywains - just the job
11 the hit parade - you didn't love me then
12 emily - mad dogs
13 the fairways - darling, don't you think
14 the odolites - chime
15 the wordsmiths - keep the circle around
kunin mo dito