Monday, May 31, 2010

v.a. - our floating images of youth cd 2000

another holiday brings us another compilation, this time  it's a collection of amazing independent artists. a double cd which i've narrowed down to 11 songs(of which 11 of the many great songs in the comp.) handpicked by yours truly, plus an added 4 really good jangly pop tunes. various artists from the eighties and the nineties performed by the bands outside the mainstream act altogether in one cd. for usa bloggers enjoy your holiday! and for all others around the world have a great day.

tracklist as follows:
01 allison statton and spike - a greater notion
02 bmx bandits - do you really love me
03 brightside - falling down
04 direct hits - too shy
05 hal - some days
06 jim jiminee - town and country blues
07 looking glass - mirror man
08 man from delmonte - my love is like a gift
09 pimlico - me and mr. lonely
10 the haywains - just the job
11 the hit parade - you didn't love me then
12 emily - mad dogs
13 the fairways - darling, don't you think
14 the odolites - chime
15 the wordsmiths - keep the circle around
kunin mo dito

Thursday, May 27, 2010

makin' time - feels like it's love 12" 1985

some say this was the greatest eighties mod revival band ever! and i say they were the most underrated band in the mod mod world ever. so many great songs not enough time...real mad mod, you dig!? so put on your dancing shoes and hop on to your lambrettas or mod scooter for  a quickie. if you look closely enough at the picture you'll recognise a familiar face, no, not that one, the guy at the bottom... yeah that one! martin blunt eh, aight!

tingnan mo dito or dito or kunin mo dito

Monday, May 24, 2010

the raj quartet - whoops! what a palaver! 12" 1987

i discovered this band thru the london pavilions compilation series on 'el label in association with cherry red records. the king of luxembourg, the would be goods and marden hill are just a few of the bands from the compilation cd. it was surprisingly good considering it's their only release in existence, i would've love to hear more if there is anymore!! it has that 50s kick to it with playful guitars and really good vocals. the record is composed of 4 really short cuts and the title track will be shared as always.

tingnan mo dito

Friday, May 21, 2010

camouflage - this day 7" 1991

a german synth trio that's often compared to depeche mode going back as early as their 1st single "the great commandment", released  a mess of records(when i say mess i mean tons of good stuff). although non of their singles after the 2nd album reached the majority of the american audience this single here back in 1991 is when they presumably dropped the synth for a mellow violin, i still think that they haven't lost their touch in fact they're still making music up to this day. and this is one here is one of my favorite from the band a porky prime cut taken from "meanwhile" cd on germany's own metronome label. sorry 'bout the cover art, it's a bit messy.

tingnan mo dito

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the werefrogs - it's real ltd. 7" 1990

self produced by the band and recorded in nueva york by part trance records in 1990. the band's probably 1st single, sounds very post punk to me you know with overwhelming bass and occasional shifty guitar and leading trumpets in the background. it reminds me of the popular front way different from their latter songs.
i apologize for the picture my scanner went loko.

tingnan mo dito

Saturday, May 15, 2010

sportique - love & remains 7" 1999

a collection of great musicians mainly comprise of gregory webster(the razorcuts, the carousel), rob pursey of 'heavenly' and 'marine research' with mark flunder of the mctells delivers pure loud upbeat songs. still their songs are very much into the c86-ish type of jangly popsters. they have a video of the the band rehearsing this pacticular song in sacra on youtube.

tingnan mo dito

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the emerald down - choffi 2001

track eight from the 2001 album "scream the sound" a shoegaze paradise of sound. truly a great album with very ethereal sound, a journey into space. just close your eyes and let the siren scream navigate your senses into deep space.

tingnan mo dito

Sunday, May 9, 2010

airiel - stationary lights ltd. 7" 1999

looking back to older posts i'd noticed that i've totally neglected(unconciously) featuring shoegaze or is it nugaze to you, new shoegazers, the third generation. this is a double a side single, the songs are a lot shorter cut unlike their more recent releases. sharron apple is an awesome song lots of earbleeding guitar noise this one though is more on the calming relaxing laidback kinda tempo. limited to 750 copies made... their 2nd release.

tingnan mo dito

Thursday, May 6, 2010

supreme love gods - souled out 12" 1992

another great 12" from slg, this time their music sounded like a cut from the the charlatans, 3rd album. remember emf? well this will remind you of them too. do i hear a beatle's resemblance? maybe. perhaps a little bit of "i am the walrus" vocal similarity? i don't know... but one thing is for sure... funky bass and some 60s organ. this is the band's final release from the album of the same title.
sportique, airiel, the werefrogs, etc. are just few uploads ahead.

souled out(12" version)...

tingnan mo dito

Saturday, May 1, 2010

random single of the month

hey y'all! getting prep for that mayweather-moseley fight, huh!? well that's what i love talking about besides great undiscovered music. the lakers just got passed thru the first round of the playoffs so i'm quite happy for them and their millions of fans around the world. anyway i'm hoping they make it all the way!! go lakers!! ok this month's feature is totally irrelevant but equally as great. it's from the 1989 doolittle album, my favorite american indie band since the ramones.

la la love you...

kunin mo dito