Thursday, April 29, 2010

moscow olympics - moscow olympics 2009

mo back to doing what they do best.... the latest release from my favourite filipino band that will keep you flying and daydreaming, it's mesmerizing! they never ceases to amaze me. who ever said history never repeats itself, the songs here are pretty much in the neighborhood of  "cut the world" mini album.they have captured once again the essence of what defines an ethereal music, it will lightly tickle your cerebrum. sadly, these songs are only available as media files. nevertheless one will be shared and pls. support the band and keep the genre alive!!

tingnan mo dito

Monday, April 26, 2010

one - son of the sun 12" 1989

one is steve hovington's post b movie outfit that emerged in 1989. they've released a full length album that includes this and another single. i can't find any information about them on the web and the band doesn't even exist on discogs yet. so i quess i was lucky to have found this single to share with you. and i owe a big thanx to my friend tk99 for introducing me to this remarkably good band, there you can listen to their other single for he holds the other missing piece of the puzzle.

tingnan mo dito

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

moev - wanting 12" 1987

a syhth band based in canada, was founded in 1981 had a female vocal during their early carreer, been thru several changes in their line up and it wasn't until this single followed by capital heaven both from "yeah whatever" album that gave them a little bit of recognition  and i think it is safe to say that they made a small dent in world of synth. to me this is one of their best songs ever recorded. the file incl. extended, remix and a non-album cut.

kunin mo dito

Saturday, April 17, 2010

rainyard - hell bent suicidal over you, baby 7" 1990

once again another unheard indie band from down under out on australia's very own summershine records this is shine 003. third only from "ripe" and "the tender engines" which was shine 001 and 002 and an amazing list of bands that followed after that, such as: the sugargliders, the springfields and more. unlike most of their labelmates this band showcases a lot of jangly guitars, kinda c86-ish sort of sound.

kunin mo dito

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bradford and close lobsters cd5s

i guess we're back to familiar places... these cd singles are already posted at the vinyl villian (and what a great blog indeed) or atleast the close lobsters cd5 and the morrissey cover of skin storm.... so there is no use posting it again. but i will share you the bradford's single, the band morrissey laudably so much they did a cover. they because i think of morrissey as a band not a solo act, he's been with some of the band members of morrissey since as early as 1991.. much longer than he's been with the smiths. so enjoy...

kunin mo dito

Sunday, April 11, 2010

rumblefish - mexico 7" 1992

this is my favorite release from the band, besides the great title track it also includes "tug-boat line" originally from the band's 1st ep in 1987(an excellent song with undeniably haunting vocal)  and "sing slim" from the 1988 'medicine' ep as a bonus treat.
the other day while i was listing some of my records for sale online i found out that mazzy stars' 1993 "so tonight that i might see" lp uk original release is one of the most sought after records on the net. i was ready to list mine for $5 mind you. i never understood this so i decided to keep mine in my collection.

kunin mo dito

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the popular front - falling out 12" 1987

this next post is another product of the legendary midnight music label (the essence, sad lovers and giants, the corn dollies, etc.) the song's got a pretty good vibe to it although the band wouldn't probably liked to be labeled as a dance group this single surely will move your head while your index finger taps. it's a four song ep that includes two mixes and two good b-sides.

kunin mo dito

Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter - manhattan boy 12" 1988

good day bloggers... for those of you who celebrate easter i hope you all are having a wonderful day and for those that don't... well happy sunday anyway. today's post is an american band from local cali, i just thought...  what better way to post this than on easter day hence the band's name. discovered thru my good friend goth_boy which blog's been soaring high since it was born and you can download the full album there. the band is pretty awesome the tune is straight rock n' roll i think this is their only single and i hope you like it. file includes extended re-mix and steady rockers.....

kunin mo dito

Thursday, April 1, 2010

random single of the month

today we have a classic tune from the band of holy joy a stand out track from the album "manic, magic, majestic" in 1989 (their 2nd album). fronted and formed by johnny brown in 1982 their debut album in 1987 was released on flim flam records which i've heard a couple of songs from, mad dot i thought was a pretty good song and so as the featured song here. think of the musical style of the triffids plus the genius of soft cell's marc almond..... sums up this one for me.

the band of holy joy - what the moon saw