Saturday, March 27, 2010

bedazzled - teenage mother superior 12" 1991

this record contains two remixes and an extended version you won't find on the cd release plus one non-album track. ...great uk single it became one of the most listened tune in my ipod. catchy drumbeats and funky wah-wah guitar with vocals you can almost relate to, a perfect madchester recipe ya know. rave on!

kunin mo dito


new wave crossover said...

nice' post cino' very good post''

cino_pacino said...

yee..... aaahhhh!!! thanx goth_boy!

ricky said...

Great find mate. I didn't know about this version of "Teenage Mother Superior".
Don't forget to post that Parchman single !!!

cino_pacino said...

thanx ricky.... guess what i've serch the web for that parchman 12" and you've already posted it on your blog, same tracks and all the only difference is the picture(cover)!