Saturday, February 27, 2010

fuel - songs in the key of e 12" 1991

two beautiful synth-driven pop songs from 'fuel', not to be confused with five other fuel bands out there maybe more. this, out on midnight music label is not to be ignored. it's a 4-song ep but i'm having issues with my audacity software and for what very little time i have, i managed to ripped two tracks from this ep.

kunin mo dito

Friday, February 19, 2010

rumblefish - don't leave me 12" ep 1988

an absolutely great band from the late eighties. released just 3 amazing singles from 1987-'88 before releasing the final album in the early nineties. all singles are still available on discogs and musicstack, they've also put out a compilation cd on summerhouse which include all their early eps. this ep here is my favorite!!
p.s. i will be posting fillers for i don't have time to burn right now.

kunin mo dito

Saturday, February 13, 2010

just ahead...

a look ahead of the future posts. i hope i could keep up with you guyz i know my car couldn't. major major problem...tsk tsk tsk, big problem with my radiator. and an expensive one too, well i could get it fixed and be done with it and wait for another problem to arise or buy a new car and not worry about the breaking down of anything and commit to 5 yr. loan. i dunno. anyway back to music i'm just glad it's always there to comfort me. comfort me it did with twelve drummers drumming, parchman and whirl just excellent bands to look forward to.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the claim - say so 7" 1992

here's my 2nd record from the claim, though it's not my favorite. i still think someone out there is looking to add this to their collection, this one's out on a turntable friend. which leads me to pursue other bands from the label incl. hope's 3 track ep funny(turn 11) and love parade's lazy days 4-track ep(turn 01). don't let the cover fool you, say so is a bit madchester influence and the b side is also quite a treat. a different but rather artistic approach from their earlier materials.

kunin mo dito

Sunday, February 7, 2010

the june brides - there are eight millions lp 1985

ah... one of the earlier british group that could've made it big had it been properly produced. fronted by phil wilson who also had a solo carreer under creation records. alan mcgee of creation records once said that p. wilson is one of the better songwriters that actually likes music rather than appearing on a zine. and it's sad when music is viewed as a business venture rather than a talent said b. gillespie. even the moz thinks that the june brides were the best group of 1985. nme poll.
i've ripped a couple of songs from the record for you to enjoy and thanx to goth_boy for making it all possible.

kunin mo dito

Thursday, February 4, 2010

purple ivy shadows - ep 1992

a quartet from new york originally from virginia these lads shows a great display of how shoegaze were meant to sound like. although their later releases does not compare to this one(which btw also released as 12" record as icicles and echoes) i still give them an a+. this is a great 7" which reminds me so much of slowdive's "just for a day" album.

kunin mo dito

Monday, February 1, 2010

random single of the month

taken from the album 'sex and travel', big saturday a song yet to be discovered! with david j still in the line up. it's a very jangly new wave lullaby that every collector should have. this and the hungarian love song are my only fave from the band. so good, i just have to share...

the jazz butcher - big saturday