Thursday, January 28, 2010

supreme love gods - righteous 12" 1991

after releasing three singles from three different labels this being the first(on one little indian), slg gained more followers in the uk than their native us of a. it only make sense that their music sound very british, heavily influenced by the happy mondays. their music similarity after listening to this record is unmistakable.
you can find more of slg at madchester rave on!
kunin mo dito

Monday, January 25, 2010

catchers - cotton dress 7" 1994

"cotton dress" was the first record by catchers, an indie band from northern ireland. fronted by dale grundel the band had 2 albums in existence. they toured with fellow label mates edwyn collins and the divine comedy and get this... toured in ireland with oasis. dale is now with his new band "the sleeping years" which i'm curiuos to hear. cotton dress is a nice indiepop tune, check it out.

kunin mo dito

Friday, January 22, 2010

boyracer - naked no fuel new zealand song 7" 1992

a beautiful shoegaze cut from boyracer, lots of guitar feedbacks and distortions with vocals and drums all mixed at the same volume level. it's what set the marychain and mvb apart from the rest! a great indie act from yokshire which i'd totally ignored back in the day(too much charlatans and blur and stone roses). this record was released under "a turntable friend" which has a pretty good reputation in my book.

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

spoonfed hybrid lp 1993

more from nwc, this time it's the 1st release from ian masters' post pale saints project. i've taken 4 songs from the lp which i think more of a consolation. the whole lp is very down-tempo and spacey with similarity to spacemen 3 or spiritualized you really have to be a fan to dig it.

kunin mo dito

Saturday, January 16, 2010

les enfants terribles - another country lp 1990

here's a band i know very little about until i was introduced to by goth_boy. the record was given as a courtesy and i say i am a very satisfied recipient. their music is very eclectic, it's like listening to little nemo and at the same time hearing mark burgess' (the chameleons, the sun and the moon) nostalgic voice blended with the cure-like guitar riffs. so you see it's win win situation. their records are very hard to get but it's worth every penny. i've ripped six songs from the album, "in a room like yours" is an awesome song and they could've easily produced a couple of 12"s from this lp.

kunin mo dito

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the bible - graceland cd5 1989

i had to choose between this or the orginal 12" single released in 1986. i pretty much have most of their records, although it's not my favorite from the band(which happens to be "honey be good"). some of you might find this interesting because it has the extended version of graceland which helped me decide favorably. it's a four track ep that contains the ff:
         graceland(new extended version)
         abraham, martin & john
         honey be good

kunin mo dito

Sunday, January 10, 2010

hambi and the dance - too late to fly the flag 7" 1981

an interesting single from hatd who was fronted by hambi haralambolous himself which later on recorded an album under hambi. i don't really know much the band, but i've listened to their other songs and singles and this by far is what got my attention. i apologize for the cracklings and pops. it's the best i can do.

kunin mo dito

Thursday, January 7, 2010

p.u.m.p. - barabajagal(love is hot) 12" 1991

one of my newest experiment, in all actuality it was the record label that made me buy this record. out on ultimate records(the werefrogs, bang bang machine, sidi bou said, etc.) i believe they have other singles available besides this one, i'm not really sure. anyway the piano break on barabajagal at 2.22 sounds like the happy mondays. its a groovy acid madchester treat, think of it as the mondays with female vocals!!

kunin mo dito

Monday, January 4, 2010

the honey buzzards - starhappy 12" 1992

just because the holidays are gone doesn't mean the fun is over. here, we have one of the bands that you hardly hear about. out on sheer joy same label that released most of paris angels' singles and the lovekittens. amazingly they sound like the midway still and i mean it in a respectful way. they have one other single besides this one... and both are avialable on musicstack and discogs. a great band like this should get more recognition, so more kudos to the band!!

kunin mo dito

Friday, January 1, 2010

random single of the month

today i have the rsotm featured instead of a compilation that i usually post during a holiday. reason no. 1 is nobody pays attention to downloads on holidays anyways, everyone is busy doing something else. reason no. 2, i just posted a comp. last week. and it takes a whole lot of space. but no worries this post features one of the rarest austalian band ever atleast in my book. they've released a mini lp called "in truth about road" in 1987 and this single and that's all i know!! but this song is pretty awesome a haunting vocal blended with  mesmerizing instruments.. you just gotta listen!!

coming like summer...