Thursday, December 9, 2010

happy holidays!!!

i will be back soon!!! hopefully in the early weeks of 2011.....bye.

enjoy your holidays..

Friday, December 3, 2010

axodry - you(i'll see you in my dreams) cd5 1988

a cd i picked up a while back at (believe it or not) the wherehouse, remember them? i used to scavenged their bargain cds on the floor and spent hours looking for goodies. you know sum ol' foo prolly traded their collection for some contemporary or modern music, music store like that usually don't care much about unheard bands as such. my guess would be a collector dropping his entire collection off and sold it cheap or traded it for some erasure or information society cd and jump into a bandwagon of the now music at that time, and i just happen to be the lucky and humble recipient.
it's a catchy synthpop tune that has a steady beat we can all relate to. out on zyx germany, this was just one of the amazing line up the bernhard mikulski publishng had to offer from the late eighties to the mid-nineties.

you(razormaid mix)...

you(beauty and the beast mix)...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

classix nouveaux - guilty 12" 1981

here's a tribute to all the blogs in the entire blogosphere especially the new wave and post punk sites that's still  holding their ground. after multiple years of existence, hundreds of hours spent in record shacks, thousands of posts and updates later... here we are still alive and kicking. still coming up with some old but undiscovered materials, seems like the search is never ending. and i'm totally guilty as charged... which leads me to this particular post.
cn been around since the beginning of the eighties, formed in the uk and led by sal solo. released a bunch of singles and became fairly popular outside the uk. quite an impressive band with an interesting resume under their name. their looks doesn't actually speak their music, who quickly vanished in 1985 followed by sal solo's solo career that lasted thru 1987, who now produces christian music. i've included both short and long version from this 12" that was released on liberty united records in the uk and manufactured by capitol records in the us in 1981.
keep the blogs rolling guys! \m/ \m/

guilty(album version)...

guilty(long version)...

Friday, November 19, 2010

the belltower - in hollow cd5 1991

a pioneer of shoegaze music with it's third single on the ultimate recording company in the uk, camden town to be precise. was an american indie outfit that emerged in the early nineties. with jody porter on lead guitar and vocals, britta phillips on rhythm guitar and vocals, drummer nino dmytryszyn and mark browning on bass and backing vocals heavily influenced the shoegaze music scene. what they've brought to the table was a classic blend of shoegazing with dreampop-like vocals. if you like pale saints and swirl then the belles are not to be missed.

(lost) in hollow...

elements of place...

Monday, November 15, 2010

primitive painters - dirtclods 1992

local act from our very own backyard, the painters really didn't have any other full length release beside this one. their music was very similar to the latter music of slg and the railway children(just my opinion). a little bit jangly and a little bit dreamy, they would have been a perfect fit for the twelve o'clock production. now there was another band from down under of the same name not sure what the relevance is. i'm sure you can find more info on the net so i don't have to do the work. really really tired and hung over from last night, too many kamikazes plus straight tequila shots. i am almost 100 percent sure my buddies feels the same way and hope to have another party before the holiday!! randy_b we you at, man? your bday is up next!! chonlets on the menu don't forget!!


all great things...

she's our friend...


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

heaven piano co. - s/t

with pacman's fight is just a few days away and my contractor's running out of time, i don't know if they could get it done before this weekend. apparently there was a leak that started from the shower room that went thru the closet and out to the bedroom floor(hardwood), you know how that is... you mix water and wood and the only party we will be having is a mold party! so my friends i will be texting u guys on thursday to either cancel or go on with the party! hopefully it'll be ok by then or there will be a big change of plan. we have to find another host for the fight night.

on with the post, nowhere in the world wide web where i can find any useful information about this band nor a picture to go along with my post! not even the always reliable google search could help me. so a little help about the band's history will come in handy. their music sounds very ethereal and atmospheric that you almost have to close your eyes to enjoy it! dreampop per se, a blissful of shoegaze harmonies.

bloop bloop go da fish...


no more guardian angels...

smile that pretty smile...

Monday, November 1, 2010

random single of the month

amsterdam... a band from the early 2000s now no  more. released a couple of albums perhaps three during their almost decade existence from 01 to 07, but grew unnoticeably in the usa. fronted by ian prowse now a soloist, was and lead the early nineties british pop sensation pele, some of you might've been acquainted with band back in the days. their just as talented as coldplay or robbie williams well, maybe. it's not really my cup of tea but it beats the day at the dmv... ya know what i mean! good lyrics plus bardot on the cover! not bad, eh. 'hope you all had a great halloween.

out on the indie label weena records this song is also included in their 1st album called "attitunes".
love phenomenom...

Monday, October 25, 2010

venus in furs - the speed of pun 1990

a very interesting band that quietly existed from the early mid-eighties up to the nineties, hence the year this album came about. the album doesn't compare much to "megalomania" in  1989. in hindsight, like their previous albums it contains a various display of music(samples below available)... synth, new wave and sometimes experimental, is the easiest way to describe them. a couple more albums in 1996 and 1998 was released but beyond that i've no more information.

baby veils...

the wonderful toy shop...


Friday, October 22, 2010

the housemartins - sheep 12" 1986

the housemartins, an indie guitar band comprised of many talented musicians such as paul heaton and norman cook whom carreer resurrection began at the split of the band in 1988, went on to form beats international and later the beautiful south. it wasn't until norman cook became this unusually successful phenom dance dj "fatboy slim" that his fame accelerated to the top 40's of the music mainstream. sheep though has a very different sound. in fact, i can't compare the housemartins to any act i know in the eighties or today. 'cept maybe the farmer's boys.... is stan from the tfb the same stan cullimore of the housemartins?? hmm...
i'v added a couple of tracks from the record for sampling purposes..


drop down dead...

Monday, October 18, 2010

gavin friday - you, me and world war three promo cd5 1996

first single from the "shag tobacco" cd released in 1995. it has a real nice synth and harmonic drive to it, for those of you who missed it back in the days when house music and techno rave ruled the airwaves(i know some of you out there got hooked one way or another, huh.. now you remember right?) here's a second chance to refresh your memory. born fionán martin hanvey, he formed and fronted the virgin prunes in 1977 but called it quits to pursue a solo carreer in 1986. although someone might say this is a step down for gavin f, i actually think it's a musical upgrade for him.

tim simenon's edit...

tim simenon's big single mix..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

eat - shame 7" 1992

eat's been around since the late eighties dating back to their earliest single exclusively on fiction records. a weird name for a band but then again the music were not too far away from bands that came out in the early nineties brit scene such as power of dreams and world of twist. i am solely relying on what little information i've found about the band, since this is my only material by them.


on the road again...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

super thirty-one - accelaration cd5 1993

another local los angeles band unknown to most of everyone, unless you were really digging the scene back in the early days when grunge was in its peak. these guys stayed true to their roots and influences. gloomy guitar feedbacks and dreamy melodies with an aggressive approach to shoegaze. deardarkhead and half string were just a few of the acts worth mentioning in the same category.
it's been very quiet this last couple of posts, sad to say i'm losing interest as well, anything from this day on will not be quaranteed. 'til next time bloggers.




Saturday, October 2, 2010

random single of the month

this past month came up about late in most of everything i did. i had been running on a very tight schedule lately and therefore posting new materials' a bit of a challenge for me. but not no more... this october i celebrate the birth of indiefference. yay! two years, just like that and i still remember being very excited about my first post. well i thank all the great blogs that made me wanna and  all my friends(i don't like to address them as followers) that subscribes to this blog. thanx for all your patience and thanx for spending your time even for a bit with me, you are all been an inspiration to me and i couldn't be more happier.
today's fillet cut is the second track off of the 1986 12" single "reach for your gun"  from e'l records.

bid - love

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sub sub - full fathom five 1994

sub sub was comprised of hacienda regulars jimi goodwin, jez and andy williams. a mancunian band that was also known as metro trinity in the eighties which was a tough act to follow with john male(also on sensation, republica, airstream, sfs, etc.) on vocals and later on became what is now more familiar to indie rockers as doves. johnny male appeared on one of the songs from this album called "angel". their music is very very different from the now highly sought after 12" record of metro trinity and the shoegaze/indie sound of doves. this time i think they dropped the guitar and pick up a keyboard and upgraded to a more house-influenced beat the mid nineties were accustomed to. a few handpicked songs are available for listening just to give you an idea of they sounded like. i  would like to apologies for the cracks and pops it is after all ripped from a vinyl some sixteen years ago.


valium jazz...

southern trees...

flute track...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

cetu javu - help me now! 12" 1987

wassup peeps!? so sorry i haven't been able to post some new materials lately, it just because sapagkatdahilsubalitngunitdatapwatporke i have some important things to take care off and has nothing to do with records or music. but it's all taken care of now! so no more worries.... here we have one of the most sought after record from a very well-known(i didn't mean 102.7 mainstream-famous) synth group of the eighties. released and self produced independently by the band.
this may not be the most important record in my collection personally but it has to be one of the most valuable vinyl i've ever owned. i just learned that this was the band's 1st record ever released. surely it's not to be mentioned with likes of moscopeboys or the hardy boys or any other boys' band out there, lol(juz kidding) but this record and it's scarcity tells us otherwise! with only 1,000 copies released and me being one of the lucky possessors(five others that i know are selling it, why??!!). it's obvious that this band need no introduction, most of their informations are pretty much within reach online. so without further ado... it's time to start listening!

help me now!...

por favor...

help me now!(minimal)...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the orchids - i've got a habit 7" 1988

first ever single from this great glaswegian 5 piece indie outfit, who's been around for quite a while now. they had a new album with a bunch of new materials that was released in august of twentyten. and speaking of releases... most of their early materials were out on sarah records and this one is special because it's only the second single from sarah records, and the rest had followed. more useful information and upcoming events can be find on the orchids official website here.
samples are available for listening purposes only.

i've got a habit...

give ge some peppermint freedom...


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

halo - alloy lp 1991

don't know much about this band 'cept that they're local and indiependent. their music is similar to loop and or the darkside of that sort. behind the great talent of scott feemster & ian d. smith, a guitar and a drum machine never sounded better. fever pitch has an excellent intro.. i can imagine myself high listening this track over and over oddly enough with one finger on the repeat button. it's not for the sensitive ears though, you won't  understand it anyway(it would be just noise to you). here we pay tribute and give much kodus to the ones that dared to remain indiependent! by choice or by faith.
i hope you all had a nice and safe labor day.
for zuma thurman.. son of claudia b., keep rockin' on the free world!

around and around...


fever pitch...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

just ahead...

basically more of the same... format that is. more cds and cd5s, 7"s and 12"s on the way and i hope none of these medias are available yet otherwise it will be a lot of link to this' right?! my sophomore year is coming to an end, this blog will celebrate it's full two years of existence in october. and i aim to continue doing what i do, bringing more recognition to the lost bands of the eighties, nineties and todays. the shoulda, coulda and the wouldas of the beautiful world of independent music. but remember everyone has a dream of stardomness one way or the other, if these bands made it to the top then we, or this blog wouldn't be talking about them. so are we thankful that they didn't become overly famous? i don't know, really. that's a whole new topic for another time.
finally labor day is here, one of the best time to purchase a new tele and i can't wait to see what the stores has to offer! i am looking to upgrade to a newer led models and possibly a larger tv than what i used to have. i know it's kinda shallow but as a laker fan the only better way to see the lakers winning a game is the lakers winning a game in a bigger, better and more advance television. and i can't wait for the season to start, so to my friends out there we gotta watch the game together man. you with me?! lesgo.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

random single of the month

golden were mainly canny, celina and lucy but with the musical genius of former music journalists stanley/wiggs as we know them from the alternative dance act saint etienne. they released two excellent singles from stanley and wiggs' own label "icerink" in the early nineties. their music as it sounds like is as dreamy as an indie disco dance-pop can be, a little bit of 60s and 70s influence but mildly synthesized dance tempo. their first single 'anglo american'  is more upbeat than this one. as it appears stanley/wiggs is almost as perfect as gallagher/gallagher as they went on to produced tons of music. just an fyi... this is a sir jarvis cocker cover.
you can find more useful infos. of the band and their other single here.

wishful thinking...1993

Friday, August 27, 2010

modern english - i melt with you 12" 1982

so last weekend i think it was sunday morning right before it heats up, a little bit hungover from the night before. i was in the garage waxing my up my dirty old e36 with the radio on. just focusing on ridding some old acid spots that looked like it's been there since forever when i hear this radio add about some numerous 80s groups playing together for some musical assemblage in l.a. and if i heard it right modern english is one of 'em with the cult et al. just one of the many greatest acts to ever came out of the best ever decade of fashion and music (just my opinion). with that being said i decided to dug up this old import record of mine which i thought would be fun to showcase since you don't come across an import pressing of this very vinyl that often. i never knew it existed until i got my own copy from a local record fair. another thing that i am on the look for is red rockers' china 12" import pressing which i have yet to see one with picture sleeve. as a respect for the band and it's affiliates no download link will be available.
this record contains as follows:

1. i melt with you(7" mix)...

2. someone's calling(remix)...

3. life in a gladhouse(remix)...

a big shout out to an old fren of mine "the breakfast club" you know who you are!! because of you i always watch whats in front of me. that is, when i'm riding my bike!! lol.

Friday, August 20, 2010

scavenger hunt 1st edition

this is not the game, it's just a simple collection of great stuff i've found or discovered while bloghopping. an exquisite music compilation extraordinaire of local and international independent acts around the world outsid of mainstream. at times i usually visit my favourite blogs and when i do i'd be constantly pressing the download button. and as a result i have an overwhelming library of mp3s that sometimes' just too much too handle. it is a process we are all familiar with... stop, pause and play. these songs are mostly my new favorites and in case you've missed it here is a chance to get re-acquainted with it once again! and choose your own favorite.
due to copyright infringement or piracy these materials are for listening purpsoses only and there are no download links available from this site. pls support the band support the scene. buy original, buy indie!!

dykehouse - signal crossing...

fonda - close to home...

fantastic! - colourbox...

japan air - claire...

love in athens - little chains...

my favorite - burning hearts...

pale sunday - go ahead...

the corduroy utd. - behind my back...

the hoa hoas - the list...

the wellington - lost in cairo...

Monday, August 16, 2010

ned's atomic dustbin - us promo only cd5 1992

it's hard to say but i think i'm going a little bit on the lighter side of the abyss here, the fact that these guys were well known in the uk but not so much in the us i still love the band. they pretty much sums up the definition of the word "grebo" and then some. go look it up.... with the likes pwei, the wonderstuff etc. baggy clothing, long dreadlocks and partially shaved heads, doc boots and army surplus outfits i mean the whole works. they rocked the scene in the early nineties and i own every single release they ever did up to about the end of their 2nd album. oh did i mention that i've seen them twice? yee they were very good live, they really rocked the place. imagine having the fastest drummer in the band and not to mention two bass players plus the a great guitar player and a totally encouraging vocalist in jonn penney. "you fly off the handle wait till i'm not there, if you will fly off the handle wait till i'm not there 'cause i will talk, maybe you will listen but you won't hear a single word i say" the furtive years, great short years.
this is a four song sample ep that contains songs from the are you normal? cd, incl. suave and suffocated and spring.

not sleeping around...


Thursday, August 12, 2010

in motion - for an evening's velvet ending 7" 1993

the second record from this irish indie band that emerged in the early nineties. it's an amazing blend of indie pop, melodic chant and a hint of shoegaze... in other words, it clearly became a favorite of mine faster than you can say dinuguan. one album was released in 1994 called "the language of everyday life" followed by the band's split later that same year. i am still in the hunt for that album for it possesses my most fave song from the band, that is 'five and twenty thousand days'.
cheers. and if anyone has the album for sale let me know perhaps we can work out a deal!

hollow blow...

it takes a long while

in daylight...

once again a special thanx to ricky from madchester rave on for giving me a copy of the album just before i can post this, thanx mate.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

dive - freeze frame ep 2003

my second japanese post, though different from the previous band. these lads has a kick-ass attitude and a great appetite for guitar feedback. ear bleeding guitar noise and occasional silence followed by a massive guitar distortions and vocals you can't understand not that it matters but the level of instruments are mixed at the same wave lengths. i smell my bloody valentine and ride and early pale saints and a bit of slowdive's breeze here. it's a classic.

this just in totally unrelated to my post, just last month a great local band from la came out with an amazing cd called "crazy for you" by best coast. you'll find reviews and infos all over the net!!

and how awesome is this. i didn't discover until now that you can actually embed 4shared player like so. and you don't have to navigate away from my page to listen to samples.

so for you lazy sunday downers.. enjoy!

freeze frame...



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

twilight - just me alone 1985

no, not new moon nor the eclipse and not that i follow the hype. it's the eighties band that had this amazing single who's got everybody wanting including me. the record's price ranges from 40gbp to 199.99 euro. their one and only single in existence is something a music and record enthusiast wouldn't mind splurging on i guess. at what degree do we consider that one's overpriced anyway? is their such a thing as too much for a collector? is it so bad to have your copy after everybody else got theirs? i don't mind waiting and i usually get my wants in a much less expected time and i think you tend to get more excitement that way like a little boy opening a gift.
so here's a great song by twilight, produced by vince clarke...

just me alone 7"

just me alone 12"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

random single of the month

one record i keep ignoring, for some reason i am really not a fan of colorful album artwork with the exception of course of the stone roses' artwork. i go mostly for the black and white covers of most indie bands if i' am experimenting, new wave and synth bands usually have their own faces on the cover of their albums. madchester bands would have silhouette of their images on covers while post punk prefers a landscape of something or an unsual place with an unusual settings i don't know if i'm making sense here. anyway this month's featured artist were an american new wave band that sounds somewhat different than most, a four piece act from maryland that really is nothing more but an original. just ignore the first sixteen seconds of the song, and trust me you will enjoy the rest .

vigil - white magic spell

Thursday, July 29, 2010

the anyways - sunshine down ep 1993

the anyways had been around since the late eighties behind the brilliant songwriting of richard ramage, pete lock, alan buckley, mark price & co. one of their songs was also featured on the leamington spa series compilation. in 1994 they've released a limited edition cd to 400 copies that contains everything if not all of their works from  '87 thru '93. the cd is a definite c86 treat for the would be indiepop lovers of today. this ep from marineville records in the uk includes three beautiful indie tunes in which two are going to be shared. fyi the second song reminds me of the high's early single up and down.

wish away


Monday, July 26, 2010

swirl - swirl ep 1991

first ever ep from this awesome aussie indie band that i've been dying to find everytime i visit a record store and i am glad to have finally found it. yesterday my kids and i went to the world's famous "pink's hotdog" in hollywood just because we were cravin' it. stood there and wait like 35 minutes in line. and i kid you not, it seems like the first time everytime, the wait.. well it was worth it. i got me "the hoff" which i've never tried before and it was a filler, man. then we went to guitar center to get a tuner and we headed to amoeba for a jiffy(i promised the kids to be fast) so i just browsed quickly thru the 12" section and voila! 3 bucks takes it home.
i have another ep from the same band called "fall" on playtime records and this one is from half a cow, i don't know if they're the same band! they co-existed at the same time in the early nineties... anyway if they're not both bands were great.

swirl - people i know

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the cake kitchen - the cake kitchen ep 1990

the cake kitchen sometimes called the cakekitchen  delivers somewhat catchy psychedelic avant-garde music that started as early as the late eighties when front man graeme jefferies solo album " messages for the cakekitchen" was released in 1987 hence the birth of you guessed it, the cake kitchen. whom musical career stretches up to almost all of the last two decades. a word of advise if you see this ep for less than $20 grab it, also all four tracks plus 6 others was released by homestead records under "time flowing backwards" in 1991.

the cake kitchen - dave the pimp

the cake kitchen - witness to your secrets

Sunday, July 18, 2010

josef k - heaven sent 12" 1987

after watching the "audio" only video of this magnificent scottish post-punk band on youtube, i came to realise that i gotta have me a copy of this freaking amazing single. and for the luck of my life there it was waiting for me just wanting to be bought and shipped(got me a perr-tty good deal at musicstack). speaking of shipping i wouldn't suggest buying or selling records right now, the weather is too hot and it will be such a loss to have a record damaged because of the heat.
anyway i am just very surprised that i have not known this band earlier, but you see the no. 1 love of my life is the early nineties indie scene and coincidentally this do sounds like it.

josef k - heaven sent

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the bartlebees - twen beat 7" 1995

this next post is totally unknown to me. just another unexpected experiment while i was browsing thru piles of what used to be a mountain of treasure at rockaway records in silverlake now just a clutter of over-priced memorabilias. i remember back in the day when everything was within reach. they used to have a great selection of bargain records in that old record shack across the street from the new one... floors were uneven and shaky at times. but the records and cds they sell were just great back then, i guess they don't buy or sell stuff their staff don't know anything about. sad :(
anyway song #2 from this 7" release will be visually shared, i think it's the best track from the ep.

tingnan mo dito

Saturday, July 10, 2010

judybats - all day afternoon 1993

taken from the album "pain makes you beautiful", their 3rd studio album this is the song that stands out from the cd and separate the judybats from the rest of the american bands(don't worry its not a bad thing it just means that they sound a little different than most). this  song is catchy,strong and sounds like they know what they're really doing and all day afternoon  proves it very much so. listen to the band from knoxville, tennessee and hear what they have to offer!!

judybats - all day afternoon

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the essence - only for you(dance mix)

yeah, that's right it's a remix dance version of that great postpunk tune. something we've never heard before and much thanx to steve lima for the great effort and making it all possible. i say right on! it's not a bad mix in fact it sounds very  very good. so hear the bonus and play it loud!

the essence - only for you(fiesta mix)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

karisma - six two eight 12" 1985

ini... medyo harayo na sa mga gusto ko pero mayad man an tuno. malin baga an synthpop na may pagka-italo, kaya lang pampa-kunswelo lang baga sa mga kauropod ko dini na mahilig sa sugad sini na kanta ,lalo na si randyb, nb nan si tk99. mao man lang an ako purpos dini... pang guyok lang sa kanira. an maraot sini diri pa nira aram an ako insa-sabi. awat na ini na kanta pero sikat ini sadto sa diskuhan, pa-aralpugan baga sa baylihan.. mao man yun an ako nadumduman sini na kanta.
p.s. ansinabi ko na boses keke, karaw lang yadto diri man to-too.
happy 4th july and cheers!

imuda dini
karisma - 628

Thursday, July 1, 2010

random single of the month

if you kasabian like i do then you'll definitely love this exclusive special mix of the song lsf, mix by yours truly not with a classic ttb but a simple technical virtual device. this is a track i could play a thousand times and would never get sick. it's a classic and it never gets old, now it's longer and better. play it loud, say it loud pls. support the band!

tingnan mo dito or kunin mo dito

Sunday, June 27, 2010

manbreak - wasted cd5 1997

manbreak were a short-lived 5 piece band from northern england that existed from 1996 thru 1998 and released just one full length album on one little indian and a couple of singles. the label aims to bring eclectic music and reached quite a success with bands such as the shamen and bjork.
just to let everyone know i still have a lot of nineties music coming out.

kunin mo dito

Thursday, June 24, 2010

the wedding - tomorrow i set sail 7" 1985

here's a band that people often can't talk about without mentioning u2 in the same sentence, for some reason their music was correlated to u2's musical genius maybe it's the egde's guitar riffs. but i don't see it that way, they would've been a perfect fit for the twelve o'clock production. haunting vocal with the essence's-like instruments... this one will surely lighten up, or should i say darken up your post punk collection.

tomorrow i set sail...

kunin mo dito

Monday, June 21, 2010

just ahead...

a future look at what to expect in the upcoming posts... a few old stuff i dug up and some unsorted new arrivals. you can say this blog is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your going to get! have a good day everyone, cheers.

Friday, June 18, 2010

lakers repeat!!! 2010

how sweet is this one.... after 82 regular games and 16 playoff battles!! this has got to be the sweetest of them all. a clinching game 7 not to mention the unlikely hero in ron-ron, kobe's turnaround game grabbing 15 rebounds with him and gasol struggling with their shots finding another way to win. a total team effort and defense certainly was the biggest part of the game!!! it seems like yesterday when i had the lakers' post last year and here we are again on the road to threepeat. and yes i hope this this time around the dynasty with kobe, ronron, lamar, gasol, shannon, luke, etc. will be witnessed this time next year if not already!!!
as they say in lakerland "be L.A." go lakers!!!!
shout out to my fellow die-hard laker fans!!!..... nb great host, never say die! ansaya natin meng. si romper wadup wit ur boy rr. randyb, put the scissors down (stop cutting your tutyang) watch the game!!! hahahah... mcdoo whe you at??!! gothboy, the only gothic laker fan i know. tk99 lakers forever! louie, gimme some laptop hope you all got home safe and sound.

carson - up and down 1999

a great band that i can't believe i totally missed out on when they came forth in the late nineties, 1997 if i'm not mistaken is when they released their debut single "nothing" and layed down the fundamentals of britpop. after that i was hooked! this is kasabian before kasabian, merged with rialtoseahorses and the kula shaker all in one. too bad there is not a single airwave station in los angeles that play these kinds of music anymore. i mean kroq used to be good back in the day and indie 103.1 disappeared in thin air faster than you can say enchilada. i guess this can only mean that i have new britpop favourite :).

up and down...

tingnan mo dito

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

dislocation dance - you'll never never know 7" 1982

this record needs no introduction, a little funky a little jazzy and a whole lotta indie with a hint of new wave. this mancunian 5-piece band showcases a mixture of music genres whom in 2006 re-released two cds under ltm publishing, midnight shift + singles and music music music/slip that disc! comps. which to me should be made absolutely mandatory for most of the eighties acts! let's face it there were/are some bands that aren't worth paying attention to.

tingnan mo dito or kunin mo dito

Saturday, June 12, 2010

josef k - sorry for laughing 7" 1981

nice post punk tune from edinburgh's very own josef k. like it's scarcity this single often hard to come by and mostly costly in online shops. not much to say about their greatness as most of you already know how much this band really impact the post punk realm and its entirety.

kunin mo dito

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

johnny dee - motorbike loves you 1994

an a-ok quartet from southern japan makes up this excellent band, that to me ranks as one of many great neo acoustic indiepop band of the nineties. as we all know the nineties indie scene was single-handedly dominated by the baggy scene and most of the indiepop, neo-aco and such were overshadowed. and i thought this would certainly remind you of what you've missed back in the day.

tingnan mo dito or kunin mo dito

Thursday, June 3, 2010

celestial - lake como ep 2005

a real nice shoegaze indie twee pop masterpiece all in one package and a bag of chips is one way to describe this wonderful project by andreas hagman. very much like the moscow olympics and if you like biff bang pow and early primal scream.. you'll find this one just as good. mp3s are available for download at the bands official website. for sample click on the link below!

tingnan mo dito

Monday, May 31, 2010

v.a. - our floating images of youth cd 2000

another holiday brings us another compilation, this time  it's a collection of amazing independent artists. a double cd which i've narrowed down to 11 songs(of which 11 of the many great songs in the comp.) handpicked by yours truly, plus an added 4 really good jangly pop tunes. various artists from the eighties and the nineties performed by the bands outside the mainstream act altogether in one cd. for usa bloggers enjoy your holiday! and for all others around the world have a great day.

tracklist as follows:
01 allison statton and spike - a greater notion
02 bmx bandits - do you really love me
03 brightside - falling down
04 direct hits - too shy
05 hal - some days
06 jim jiminee - town and country blues
07 looking glass - mirror man
08 man from delmonte - my love is like a gift
09 pimlico - me and mr. lonely
10 the haywains - just the job
11 the hit parade - you didn't love me then
12 emily - mad dogs
13 the fairways - darling, don't you think
14 the odolites - chime
15 the wordsmiths - keep the circle around
kunin mo dito

Thursday, May 27, 2010

makin' time - feels like it's love 12" 1985

some say this was the greatest eighties mod revival band ever! and i say they were the most underrated band in the mod mod world ever. so many great songs not enough time...real mad mod, you dig!? so put on your dancing shoes and hop on to your lambrettas or mod scooter for  a quickie. if you look closely enough at the picture you'll recognise a familiar face, no, not that one, the guy at the bottom... yeah that one! martin blunt eh, aight!

tingnan mo dito or dito or kunin mo dito

Monday, May 24, 2010

the raj quartet - whoops! what a palaver! 12" 1987

i discovered this band thru the london pavilions compilation series on 'el label in association with cherry red records. the king of luxembourg, the would be goods and marden hill are just a few of the bands from the compilation cd. it was surprisingly good considering it's their only release in existence, i would've love to hear more if there is anymore!! it has that 50s kick to it with playful guitars and really good vocals. the record is composed of 4 really short cuts and the title track will be shared as always.

tingnan mo dito

Friday, May 21, 2010

camouflage - this day 7" 1991

a german synth trio that's often compared to depeche mode going back as early as their 1st single "the great commandment", released  a mess of records(when i say mess i mean tons of good stuff). although non of their singles after the 2nd album reached the majority of the american audience this single here back in 1991 is when they presumably dropped the synth for a mellow violin, i still think that they haven't lost their touch in fact they're still making music up to this day. and this is one here is one of my favorite from the band a porky prime cut taken from "meanwhile" cd on germany's own metronome label. sorry 'bout the cover art, it's a bit messy.

tingnan mo dito

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the werefrogs - it's real ltd. 7" 1990

self produced by the band and recorded in nueva york by part trance records in 1990. the band's probably 1st single, sounds very post punk to me you know with overwhelming bass and occasional shifty guitar and leading trumpets in the background. it reminds me of the popular front way different from their latter songs.
i apologize for the picture my scanner went loko.

tingnan mo dito