Monday, December 14, 2009

fiat lux - secrets 12" 1983

when you think of fiat lux you immediately think of secrets. this is just one of the six singles the band released during their short career. in 1982 as college schoolmates the duo of david p crickmore and steve wright with the addition of ian nelson were able to record one mini-album. after releasing their last single solitary lovers in 1985 the band parted and the rest well, was hired history. the band's works later on was re-released on a cd by cherry red records.

kunin mo dito


TK99 said...

Good post cino. Mint pa copy mo. Na missed ko yata yung cd released nito sa cherry red.. Matagal na ba siyang na re-issue?

cino_pacino said...

salamat pre. i thought it was cherry red but maybe ltm canada, hmmmm... not too sure t'was sometime this year!