Monday, December 28, 2009

maisonettes - where i stand 7" 1983

as mentioned on an earlier post this single is no stranger to sensitive guys out there!! you know who you are. sadly it's the end, as we all know all things must come to an end and so as this year. this is my last post of the 2009 as i wonder what lies ahead for me, my family and my closest friends. i can now safely say that this year has been good to me, and i can only hope it continued on thru the rest of upcoming years. don't know much about this band. i have two singles by them and this one won the toss. 60s on the a side and 70s on the flipside so go figure anyway enjoy!

kunin mo dito

Friday, December 25, 2009

v.a. - two thousand violins cd 2009

hey it's christmas yet again! what better way to end this year than with a collection of great indiepop, handpicked by yours truly. these are my new favorites that i'm just dying to have and to hold, in sickness and in health 'til death, wait one picking cotton minute. let's not get carried away here. in short.... i need help in finding these records!! or if someone has an extra copy they can spare, i'm all hands.
so from my family to yours, merry xmas to all!!!

tracks as follows:

The Garlands - David
Japan Air - Claire
The Honeyheads - Saturday Night
The Tidy Ups - Dizzy Hieghts
Apple Boutigue - Love Resistance
Sibiria - Det Har Varet Svavare
Silver Screen - Girl Like You
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You
Sad Day For Puppets - Hush
Surefire Broadcast - Inner Child
The April Skies - Rise Again
My Darling YOU - Everything Alright
The Orange Peel - Something In You
The Sea And Cake - Four Corners
The Lucksmiths - Up With The Sun
Love Ninjas - Care
The Charade - Monday Morning
The Lodgers - Watching

kunin mo dito

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

just ahead...

here's the 4one one on what's coming in the new year! it's actually a little bit of everything. i have the june brides and les enfants terribles for the indie c86 fans, purple ivy shadows and boyracer and catchers for the indiepoppers, the supreme love gods and boy.. the honey buzzards, there's nothing like them. i mean this band caught me by surprise, i got this record off the 99cent bin and i was blown away when i put the needle on the record it's a total madchester treat you guyz. and of course let's not forget hambi and the dance, one of the new wave ogs!! so enjoy the ride, coz it's gonna be a bumpy one!! "twistin' my melon man". and oh yeah i almost left out ian masters' post pale saints band, the spoonfed hybrid which to no surprise sounds exactly like the early ps werks!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

the daintees - roll on summertime 7" 1982

the next two posts will be very sixties influenced including this one, i don't know what it is but i picture frankie valli with his guitar singing to the ladies... both a and b side of this single have quite a resemblance, kinda like listening to the same song. i am currently working on a compilation for the xmas post!. so i'm pretty occupied, i've also got some unsorted new arrivals(una) on the werks so bare with me if i'm a little slow. this one here would definitely amuse your sensitive side.
kunin mo dito

Thursday, December 17, 2009

let's active - in little ways 12" ep 1986

mitch easter, the nucleus of the band who also produced the first two r.e.m. albums has been the forefront of the nuwave american guitar bands. this ep is considered a veritable jewel box of classic guitar/piano playing and memorable tunes. it's a four song ep which contains the title track plus three others that captures the youthfulness of ones love for new wave music. this import release is more seldom than often and that's typical for an irs record release! it also include "every word means no", which most of you would probably recognised from a radio airplay.

kunin mo dito

Monday, December 14, 2009

fiat lux - secrets 12" 1983

when you think of fiat lux you immediately think of secrets. this is just one of the six singles the band released during their short career. in 1982 as college schoolmates the duo of david p crickmore and steve wright with the addition of ian nelson were able to record one mini-album. after releasing their last single solitary lovers in 1985 the band parted and the rest well, was hired history. the band's works later on was re-released on a cd by cherry red records.

kunin mo dito

Friday, December 11, 2009

zerra one - rain 12" 1985

who will stop the rain, who'll stop the rain from falling. no one is, they just keep talkin'. lol. this rain is killing me!! i can't go anywhere without getting wet. i have two adorable maltipoos and i can't take them out for a number one or two. so imagine what's it like in the shyshack right now. anyway what better time to post this new wave quartet from ireland... than right now. as we all know the song rain is all over youtube but the other side is not only a great song but it also comes an extended longer version than the one on the album. i know it's weird but i favor the b side over the main song. just an fyi... more nw and pp coming!
kunin mo dito

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

sun dial - exploding in your mind cd5 1990

i don't really know if this was their first ep after changing their name from 'the modern art' in the eighties. unlike the eps fazer and reflecter this is more sixties psychedelia than madchester. it focuses more on guitar than drums and one of the three songs in this ep is on 'the children of the nuggets' comp. that also has the dukes and more!
kunin mo dito

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

random single of the month

the year was 1992 indie, britpop, shoegaze, dance, synth, and even grunge were all trying to make the scene it was like the melting pot of all music. and so was this band.. after releasing a couple of singles they've finally release a full length album. it's got a little bit of everything in it, the songwriting on this is very carefree and positively dangerous it has a very positive upbeat vibe. the 12" vinyl has extended remixes of the song but i don't particularly like it so i'm posting the 7" instead. let's see if some of you remember this one...

happyhead - fabulous(single mix) 1992